Superman’s 80th Anniversary

by Norman Robinson III

113420_8f7832d392f8af0161ad87f3beda8eec67b5d053-208x300 Superman’s 80th Anniversary

It is the 80th Anniversary of Superman’s creation. This character started it all, the very first superhero. Even if you aren’t a big DC fan, you still have to respect the guy that gave us superheroes and supervillains. Well, Henry Cavill appreciated Superman so much he tweeted about the history of our favorite All-American hero. This is only an excerpt as the entire piece was over a paragraph long. But you get the point, “Truly, what would a world be without Superman? He paved the way for all our favorite heroes even if he’s not yours personally. Within us, Superman will always live…” (CBM-Henry Cavill)

Fortress of Solitude

Since Superman is 80 years young; perhaps picking up a key or two might be the perfect homage. There is a forgotten secondary key comic that is still inexpensive to own; Action Comics #241 (1958) this is the first Fortress of Solitude in the Silver Age. This fort is Superman’s private bachelor pad. Some notable creators of this comic are Coleman, Binder, Lampert, Boltinoff, and Schiff (script) with the art by Swan, Boring, Sherman, Mooney, Lampert, Boltinoff, and Brown. This is a forgotten key and worth a peek as a potential investment or even moderate speculation.

Action Comics #241

Action Comics #241 has returned 167.8% in the fine range at (6.0). This is the most reliable data as all six sales are in the $150 range regardless of grade. The last time, I can remember the Fortress of Solitude with much screen time was when Christopher Reeves was Superman in the 1970’s. Pretty darn good Superman for its time if you haven’t seen it you should. Nobody plays Superman like Reeves. Admittedly the Fortress did get screen time in the 2013 Man of Steel movie, but I think the 1970’s Superman showcased it. Will this forgotten monument be a plot centerpiece again? That is truly unknown. But Action Comics #241 has three ingredients for a positive return: screen time, reliable data, and reasonable prices. Why not buy a copy and lock down this unique Silver Age key for $150; think of it as an anniversary gift that keeps giving into the future.

Superman #100

In addition to the Fortress of Solitude, in Action Comics #241; another key worth collecting is Superman’s Centennial Superman #100 created by the writing team of Woolfolk, Miller, Finger, and Boltinoff. Along with a phalanx of pencilers; Mortimer, Shuster, Boring, Plastino, Perry, and again Boltinoff. Superman #100 is currently ranked number one most popular Golden Age comic (GoCollect). Bottom line the cost is still only in the $200-300 range; perhaps this Centennial celebration does retain a certain speculative charm.

Ode to the Octogenarian

Superman has his place in our hearts and minds. “All other superheroes are but shadows, Superman is the sun” (Remo Williams). He began his reign in a time of global war and now presides over a time of global peace, relatively. May he live a long and happy reign instilling the hard-won peace from the Twentieth Century into the Twenty-First Century and beyond. Long live Superman!

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