‘Superman: Legacy’ Could Lead to Jonathan Kent as the DCU Man of Steel

by Matt Tuck

020623C-1024x536 'Superman: Legacy' Could Lead to Jonathan Kent as the DCU Man of SteelWe’re all wondering what James Gunn has planned for Superman: Legacy. While the story will begin with Clark Kent, we could see his controversial son take up the mantle in future DCU chapters.

As soon as Gunn and his DC Studios co-chair, Peter Safran, took the reins, they stirred up controversy by showing Henry Cavill the exit. Gunn explained that his idea is to tell the story of a younger Superman in the early days of his superhero career. 

Superman: Legacy will officially kick off the first chapter of the DCU, Gods and Monsters. Afterward, The Brave and the Bold, will not only introduce a new Batman for the main DCU timeline, but it will bring Damian Wayne to live action as Robin. That leads me to believe that we’ll see the Super Sons, Damian and Jonathan Kent, and they could be the future Batman and Superman. 

While most buyers will be taking aim at Damian’s keys, this is a prime opportunity to grab Jon Kent’s firsts while no one is looking.


Convergence-Superman-2-198x300 'Superman: Legacy' Could Lead to Jonathan Kent as the DCU Man of Steel

The point of Convergence was basically to help correct the mishap that was the New 52 titles. During the event, we got our first look at Superman and Lois’ canonical newborn, thus giving collectors the first appearance of Jonathan Kent. 

For the past 30 days, the graded 9.8 has averaged $183, so it may be worth rolling the dice just in case he is introduced to the DCU.


Convergence-8-195x300 'Superman: Legacy' Could Lead to Jonathan Kent as the DCU Man of Steel

This is where things get a little tricky for collectors. Technically, this issue counts as Jonathan’s first cover appearance, but it’s not the superpowered Jonathan; it’s Superbaby. Actually, this issue hit stores ahead of Convergence: Superman #2. However, Superbaby didn’t appear in the story, so Superman #2 remains Jon’s first appearance. 

There are no records of any graded sales, so you should be able to grab a raw copy for a low price on eBay.


Superman-6-192x300 'Superman: Legacy' Could Lead to Jonathan Kent as the DCU Man of Steel

Even if Jon doesn’t become the official DCU Superman, I fully expect Gunn to crown the character as the live-action Superboy. With Damian on his way to the DCU, the odds are good that Superman will eventually have a kid of his own, and that will lead to the Super Sons. When that happens, Damian will be Robin and Jon will likely be Superboy, and it will make this issue a solid investment with little risk. 

There hasn’t been a graded sale since 2020, but it earned a respectable $90 that year.


Future-State-Superman-of-Metropolis-1-195x300 'Superman: Legacy' Could Lead to Jonathan Kent as the DCU Man of Steel

I predict that the Future State keys will become increasingly popular once the DCU’s Chapter One officially kicks off, and Superman of Metropolis #1 could be leading the charge. No, this isn’t a first appearance, but it is a significant moment in Jon’s history. Here he took up his father’s moniker and became the official Superman, something he would do canonically shortly thereafter. 

The market for SOM #1 has been fairly quiet in the past year. Most copies sold in the $20-$30 range in 2022, but the last sale from October saw the price jump to $40.


Anytime an iconic character is removed from a traditional role, it sparks outrage. Thus, many fans were ready to revolt when Jon took over as Superman. When the character was established as bisexual, heads everywhere exploded. Gunn is not shy about being controversial, and he has no problem putting his characters’ sexuality on display.

After all, Peacemaker was established as bisexual in the HBO Max series. It would not be surprising if that’s the route Gunn is planning to go if he’s planning to bring Jon into the fold.

000080221A_Posters_2-Footer 'Superman: Legacy' Could Lead to Jonathan Kent as the DCU Man of Steel*Any perceived investment advice is that of the freelance blogger and does not represent advice on behalf of GoCollect.

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Jkay February 10, 2023 - 11:24 am

Great article, Jon Kent keys are definitely flying under the radar right now.
I think you could make an equal case for Tim Jace Fox and his undervalued books as well.


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