Superhero Team Leader Battle Royale: ROUND 2

by Ryan Kirksey

Avengers4-198x300 Superhero Team Leader Battle Royale: ROUND 2

After tallying the votes from Round 1 of the Superhero Team Leader Battle Royale, we are ready to move on to Round 2!

Before we move onto the match-ups for Round 2 (or the Sweet Sixteen, a phrase I am thinking of trademarking), a little bit of quick analysis on the voting from Round 1.

The Clear Winners From Round 1

In an outcome that will surprise no one, the top three seeds from the Marvel bracket all cruised to unanimous victories in their respective match-ups. (1) Captain America, (2) Cyclops, and (3) Mr. Fantastic easily dispatched of their over-matched opponents. Poor Kate Bishop didn’t stand a chance as Cyclops just blasted her into oblivion. Also scoring decisive victories for Marvel was (4) Star-Lord and (7) Clint Barton’s Hawkeye (both coming one vote short of unanimous wins). On the DC bracket, there were no unanimous winners thanks to one contrarian voter, but (1) Superman, (2) Green Lantern, and (3) Wonder Woman all scored solid knockouts while (4) Robin also came out well ahead in his match-up with (13) Uncle Sam. Youth beat up on experience in that match-up.

The Competitive Match-ups

Over on the Marvel side, both (6) Wolverine (against (11) Cable) and (8) Luke Cage (against (9) Nova) scored narrow one vote wins. (5) Dr. Strange had several people vote against him but was also able to squeak out a win. So that means no upsets in the Marvel bracket, although Wolverine had to come from behind to narrowly pass Cable. On the DC side of things, 5th seeded Hawkman barely edged out a scrappy (12) Primus by a single vote.

ForeverPeople-204x300 Superhero Team Leader Battle Royale: ROUND 2The Upsets From Round 1

There were three upsets on the DC side of the bracket. First, the 9th seeded Oracle cruised past (8) Cosmic Boy (which is what you get when your name is Cosmic Boy, I guess). But a larger upset occurred when 11th seeded Chief decidedly knocked out (6) Superboy from the contest. Apparently, there is a “Boy” bias in this game, which I am actually completely fine with. There did end up being one tie between 7th seeded Rick Flag and 10th seeded Moonrider. A coin flip by our judges determined that Moonrider and the Forever People were destined to move on, and somewhere Jack Kirby smiles.

Superhero Team Leader Battle Royale Round 2

Our match-ups for Superhero Team Leader Battle Royale Round 2 now shape up like this:

Marvel Bracket

1. Captain America (Avengers) vs. 8. Luke Cage (New Avengers)
4. Dr. Strange (Defenders) vs. 5. Star-Lord (GOTG 2008)
3. Mr. Fantastic (Fantastic Four) vs. 6. Wolverine (Savage Avengers)
2. Cyclops (X-Men) vs. 7. Clint Barton/Hawkeye (West Coast Avengers)

DC Bracket

1. Superman (Justice League) vs. 9. Oracle (Birds of Prey)
4. Robin (Teen Titans) vs. 5. Hawkman (All-Star Squadron)
3. Wonder Woman (Justice League Dark) vs. 11. Chief (Doom Patrol)
2. Green Lantern (Green Lantern Corps) vs. 10. Moonrider (Forever People)

Here is a copy of the current bracket, which can also be accessed as a PDF at this link.

Round-2-Bracket-1024x772 Superhero Team Leader Battle Royale: ROUND 2

We will be back soon with Round 3. Please leave your Round 2 votes only in the comments and share it with your friends who might like to participate!

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Tony C June 1, 2020 - 11:13 am

Marvel Bracket:

Captain America
Doctor Strange

DC Bracket


Pete June 1, 2020 - 3:35 pm

Mr. Fantastic

David H June 1, 2020 - 3:49 pm

1. Captain America (Avengers)
4. 5. Star-Lord (GOTG 2008)
3. Mr. Fantastic (Fantastic Four)
2. Cyclops (X-Men)

DC Bracket
Superman (Justice League)
Hawkman (All-Star Squadron)
Chief (Doom Patrol)
Green Lantern (Green Lantern Corps)

Ryan Kirksey June 1, 2020 - 4:28 pm

For the record, my votes for this round are:
Cap, Star Lord, Mr. Fantastic, Cyclops
Superman, Hawkman, Wonder Woman, Moonrider


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