Supergirl vs Power Girl? Who ya got?

by Mike W

starr-194x300 Supergirl vs Power Girl? Who ya got?Kara Zor-L is the girl cousin of Kal-El, famously known as Superman. Kara also has a couple of superhero identities. On Earth-One, her superhero name goes by Supergirl. Interestingly enough, on Earth-Two, she is known as Power Girl. Not to confuse, she is the same person, but in different universes. Let’s dive deeper into each hero and their trending values.




Supergirl’s first appearance is in Action Comics #252. Her appearance dates back to 1959, during the Silver Age of comics. She is the biological cousin of Superman and posses all the superhuman abilities and weaknesses as him. She is notably younger than her male cousin, but she does develop her own identity and storyline like him.

action-202x300 Supergirl vs Power Girl? Who ya got?

Supergirl’s push for exposure has been noted in the last 15-20 years. She has starred in numerous self-titled series and appeared on some notable iconic comic covers. In the past, there has been a live-action movie done in 1984. There are talks of another movie featuring this character in 2020 or 2021.  Currently, on the CW network, she is the main character in her self-titled live-action television show. The show premiered in 2015 and is in its fifth season.

Her first appearance value trend is a tale of two stories. Being a Silver Age book, sales of this comic in high grades are scarce. There are no recorded sales of graded 9.4 comics and higher. In fact, graded sales of 3.0 and above have a slight negative trend in value. While graded copies of 2.5 and lower show a small positive trend in value.

To me, many factors attribute to the value of this book. The book itself is already expensive in raw or graded copies. Currently, first appearance Silver Age comics of major characters tend to keep good value. Especially, if you are cousin of Superman. The turmoil of the publisher, DC Comics, and their situation financially and their inability to produce good movies is a major factor. With many DC characters, their trend in value is dependent on the company being able to produce a reliable and interesting product. Lately, DC has struggled against their rival, Marvel. Unless DC turns the trend around, it will be very difficult for this character and many notable characters to gain the positive trend of their Marvel rival.

JLA-300x169 Supergirl vs Power Girl? Who ya got?


Power Girl:

Just to avoid confusion, the same person that is Supergirl is also Power Girl. Kara Zor-L takes up the identity of Power Girl in alternate earth. In Earth-One, she is SuperGirl and in Earth-Two, she is Power Girl. With that, a different story and a different person that comes with it. Her physical appearance as a mature young woman, along with shorter hair and a different costume is very noticeable. In her earth, she is considered the Earth-One counterpart of Superman. She takes on the duties of Superman as he goes into retirement. Also, her first appearance was made in 1976, during the Bronze Age of comics. Conversely, numerous times, she teams up with the Justice Society of America, a superhero team comprised of Golden Age heroes.

Power Girl’s first appearance is in All-Star Comics #58. The value of this comic is not as high in comparison to Action Comics #252. In addition, age and distribution also play a part in the value. Being in the Bronze Age, the widespread distribution of comics is greater. The submission of graded copies proves this, as there are 87 9.8 graded books from CGC.

karen-starr-201x300 Supergirl vs Power Girl? Who ya got?

The trend of this comic is similar in Supergirl’s first appearance. For the reason explained above about DC, the value is not trending positively. Unlike Action Comics #252, there is room for growth for this comic in many ways. Her exposure, as opposed to Supergirl, is very little. Power Girl has neither had a live television series or movie based on her. LOL, and I may be wrong on this, but Power Girl’s physical appearance is a good fit for modern times. Furthermore, her exploitation of her sexuality has been received well by comic fans. Many of her comic covers retain good value, regardless of her lack of popularity in DC. Sadly, even in comics, sex sells. Likewise, a change in the traditional in the whole “red and blue” superhero persona, could be good.

PG-196x300 Supergirl vs Power Girl? Who ya got?


Who ya got?

Nonetheless, each character brings a different type of star power to the table. To me, this is how I look at things. If you like the traditional and classic feel, Supergirl is the character to grab, though prices are steep and sales are scarce. In contrast, sexuality and rebel come to the mind of people who follow Power Girl. Her character is newer, but she seems to be in the shadow of Supergirl. In fact, she may never get out of that shadow. To me, I am a fan of both, and collect both of their appearances.  There is no wrong choice but keep in mind the trends and prices for each. Otherwise, good luck and never stop hunting!

duo-193x300 Supergirl vs Power Girl? Who ya got?

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Mike Fraser January 11, 2021 - 5:19 am

Boobs aside, Power Girl is considerably more likeable and has been given crazy amounts of character development and agency, compared to Supergirl. It’s not even close. Power Girl all the way.


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