Supergirl #35 REVIEW

by Jeff
geekgoggle Supergirl #35 REVIEW

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Supergirl #35
DC Comics
Gates, Igle & Champagne

You don’t need this issue if you are reading the New Krypton arc. That isn’t to say I was upset I purchased this story, but to be fair I couldn’t care less about Supergirl. She feels unnecessary and makes it that much more difficult to match up worthy villains with Superman. However, I found the content of the issue to be executed very well and if you are into the character I can’t imagine you not liking this issue.

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You may recall that in Action Comics #871 the triangle said “4” and this issue has a nice “5” on it. However, Action had “Part Two” in its credits, while this one has “Part Five”. I guess majority rules and this makes this issue number five for the arc, but I only count four so far. You decide.

The issue gives a very nice origin of Supergirl. It doesn’t try to hide this in the larger context of New Krypton. Sure, there are some elements of the arc, but this story is all about Supergirl and what’s she’s been through. It’s very comprehensive and really does a good job at separating her from Superman.

One device that is used to possibly tie into the New Krypton arc is that Supergirl has some memory and personality issues due to K-radiation. Her parents attempt to reverse the potential poisoning. This has some not so subtle foreshadowing here about the overall arc.

One of the elements of the story that was tough to ignore with regard to New Krypton was what General Lane was up to. He mentioned he had more bullets in his gun other than Luthor and here we see a little of that. Bringing him back into the mix has been an excellent decision so far.

With the bulk of the issue taking place in the past and in outer space, the art has a chance to really breath and blow you away with visuals and it does that in fine fashion. Explosions, floating cities, crazy robots and rockets escaping death fill the pages and do so brilliantly. I was very impressed with the artwork.

Not knowing much about Supergirl I didn’t feel the need to level set her origin, but I can see the value of this comic. I do question the stage for doing, but it didn’t prevent it from being an interesting read. Even the ending leaves many possibilities with regard to Supergirl and this mystery visitor we get a glimpse of.

I liked the issue while not caring for the character. What does that tell you about the creative team? While this isn’t my cup of tea I would think you won’t be disappointed if you pick this one up. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem too essential for the New Krypton arc.

3 out of 5 geek goggles

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