SUPER PRO K.O.!: GOLD FOR GLORY chapters released digitally by Oni Press

by Jeff

FEB161684 SUPER PRO K.O.!: GOLD FOR GLORY chapters released digitally by Oni PressMedia Release — Oni Press, Portland’s premier independent comic book publisher, is pleased to release digital chapters of SUPER PRO K.O.!: GOLD FOR GLORY by Jarrett Williams (Hyper Force Neo) on comiXology. Digital chapters of this standalone graphic novel in Williams’s creator-owned wrestling series will be released weekly on Tuesdays, from April 26th to May 31st. Each chapter will be available digitally for $1.99.

In the rough and tumble world of Super Pro K.O., professional wrestling is no joke. With contenders of every kind battling for glory on a nightly basis, there’s tons of drama inside and outside the ring! Current SPKO champion and arrogant heel King Crown, Jr. prepares for a match against mysterious newcomer Bad Bad Butch O’Rowdy, who may care more about settling a personal score with Crown than the title itself. Meanwhile, hotshot Joe Somiano is getting used to the spotlight as his career takes off, but will it be stopped with the arrival of baseball superstar turned wrestler Romeo Colossus?

The print edition of SUPER PRO K.O.!: GOLD FOR GLORY (ISBN 978-1-934964-97-2) is now available for pre-order at local comic book shops with Diamond order code FEB161684. The final order cutoff of the print volume is Monday, June 6th, and goes on sale Wednesday, June 29th.

Volumes 1 and 2 of Williams’s SUPER PRO K.O.! series are available at local comic book shops,, and comiXology.


Chapter 1—Releasing on April 26th, 49 pages
Welcome back to the high-flying, teeth-rattling, power slamming, and electrifying world of Super Pro K.O.! It’s the premiere of Tomahawk Slamson’s latest movie, National Disaster 3! But the pyrotechnics on screen don’t compare to the action in the ring as Sensational Sike faces The Glam 2 at Platinum SkyCity Stadium!

Chapter 2—Releasing on May 3rd, 37 pages
As Joe Somiano prepares for his upcoming match against Romeo Colossus, Super Pro K.O. prepares for the arrival of former Rowdy Rumble wrestler Bad Butch O’Rowdy and his mysterious grudge against King Crown Jr. What happened between these two to make Butch thirst for revenge?

Chapter 3—Releasing on May 10th, 38 pages
All eyes are on Joe Somiano as he locks horns with Romeo Colossus,Super Pro K.O.’s newest bad boy wrestler!

Chapter 4—Releasing on May 17th, 61 pages
Trapped in Romeo Colossus’ finishing move, “The Sweet Spot,” Joe Somiano is ready to give up and tap out! Will he give into the pain and humiliation of his first loss or will he find the strength and spirit to fight back?

Chapter 5—Releasing on May 24th, 48 pages
The title card match-up between King Crown Jr. and Bad Butch O’Rowdy is a slugfest for the ages! With both wrestlers busting out every dirty trick in the book, who will come out on top?

Chapter 6—Releasing on May 31st, 49 pages
While King Crown Jr. may have Bad Butch O’Rowdy on the ropes, inSuper Pro K.O., anything can and will happen! With the title belt on the line, chaos erupts with the surprise return of Mr. Awesomeness 2 and his new partner, Mr. Awesomeness 3 (formerly known as Glitz)!

What people are saying:

“Jarrett Williams is a towering inferno of comics. Get in on the ground floor… so you can watch him burn down and then explode!” Bryan Lee O’Malley, creator of Scott Pilgrim

“Energetic and reminiscent of the very best of sports manga with a touch of Scott Pilgrim, Super Pro K.O. is a larger-than-life look at a larger-than-life sport.” ComicsAlliance, “If You Loved Wrestlemania, Read These Comics Next”

“Williams energetically captures the larger-than-life antics of wrestlers—modern superheroes with outsized images and exaggerated reactions.The subject matter and format make for a great combination.” Publishers Weekly

“[…] Williams renders every super-move, every sound effect and every injury with the childlike excitement of someone who loves both comics and wrestling.” Comics Bulletin

“Combining the two most essential spheres of entertainment today—pro-wrestling and western-tribute to shōnen manga—it’s a veritable nerdgasm of a graphic novel that fans of either (or both) will be chomping at the turnbuckle for. Straight-forward and relentlessly action-packed, it invites the reader to know their role, shut their mouth and sit their candy-ass down to watch the fun unfold.” Avoid the Future

About Oni Press, Inc.:

Oni Press is a premier comic book and graphic novel publisher located in Portland, Oregon. Founded in 1997, Oni Press is run by Founder and Publisher Joe Nozemack and Editor-in-Chief James Lucas Jones. Oni Press’s curated line includes a variety of best-selling, award-winning, original and licensed comic books and graphic novels, including: [adult swim]’s Rick and Morty, Nickelodeon’s Invader ZIM, Scott Pilgrim, Queen & Country, Courtney Crumrin, Wasteland, The Sixth Gun, Stumptown, Wet Moon, Letter 44, The Bunker, The Life After, The Coldest City, Kaijumax and many more critically-acclaimed creator-owned titles.

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