Super Mario 64 Breaks 1M! Video Game Auction News

by Sarah Lee

071221C_games-300x157 Super Mario 64 Breaks 1M! Video Game Auction News After this weekend, the question about which video game would be the first to break the 1 million dollar barrier has been answered. Super Mario 64 set one of two different video game sales records within three days.

First Video Game to Hit 1M Sells at Heritage

Heritage’s 2021 July 9 – 11 Video Games Signature Auction #7261 closes with HUGE results – It’s happened. A videothumbnail_image0-e1626121631971-204x300 Super Mario 64 Breaks 1M! Video Game Auction News game has auctioned for $1.56 million, beating the previous record-holder by almost double. This one was sneaky, coming seemingly out of nowhere to steal the title. Now, this is not just any copy of Super Mario 64. This is a WATA graded 9.8 A++ sealed copy. It’s the highest-graded copy of the best-selling video game created for Nintendo 64. The pristine condition in which it’s been kept is something we may or may not ever see duplicated.  It’s unplayed, unopened, and it looks exactly like it did when it was originally purchased. In the same auction, another copy of Super Mario 64 with a 9.6 A++ rating sold for a comparatively affordable $13,200.

A 9.0 A rated Legend of Zelda reached $115,000 shortly after being listed by Heritage Auctions. By the time the auction closed 19 hours later, it had set a record. The game sold for $870,000, including a 20% buyer’s premium. Now, this is a very rare copy of the game. Within a year of release, a revised version had hit the shelves, leaving this “No Rev-A” edition an incredibly rare find.

Other notable results include a sealed Super Mario World Wata 9.4 A+ that sold for $360,000 and a sealed No Rev-A, 3-Screw Super Mario Bros. Wata 9.0 that brought in $228,000. Take a look at all the results from this auction HERE. 

Current Auctions

lf-10-e1626185774850-223x300 Super Mario 64 Breaks 1M! Video Game Auction NewsHeritage’s 2021 July 13 Tuesday Video Games and Trading Card Games Auction #312128 – Heritage has a plethora of collectibles available in their latest Video Game and Trading Card auction, which closes at 8pm tonight, 7/13. That’s still enough time to get bids in!

Video games worth watching – A GoldenEye 007 – Wata 7.5 A Sealed, N64 Nintendo produced in1997. This edition is from one of the original production runs of the game. It’s the third-best-selling Nintendo 64 video game, with over 8 million copies sold. The last few times this game came to auction at Heritage we saw it sell for $6,000 (WATA 9.4 A+,) $1,920 (WATA 5.5 B+,) and a whopping $22,800 for a WATA 9.4 A++ in January of this year. Current high bid is

Also –Super Mario Bros. 3 – Wata 8.0 B+ Sealed [Bros. “Right”, Later Production], NES for Nintendo in 1990. The current high bid for this item is $2,160. While a lower grade than the huge moneymakers, this is still a game worth watching. As Super Mario 64 recently broke the million-dollar barrier, might all Mario games be getting ready to see the benefits?

This auction also features a ton of Pokemon cards, games, and boxes worth checking out if you consider yourself to be a fan.

There are still a few hours left before CertifiedLink’s Video Game Auction closes – CertifiedLink has several notable video games listed in its currently running auction.  A sealed VGA 85+ Pokemon Red Version, created for Game Boy, is currently resting at $5,100 after 18 bids. A WATA graded 9.0 A+ sold for $11,999 on eBay in September of last year.

Other featured items include a new Nintendo 3DS: Pokemon 20TH Anniversary Edition VGA 90 (current bid $4,203), a sealed Super Smash Bros. WII U VGA 95+ (current bid $3,920), and a sealed Game Boy W/Tetris Launch console VGA U85+ (current bid $4,300). The auction ends July 13.  Check out all the entries HERE!

The word is out! Along with a brand new and updated site, GoCollect will be launching its own Video Game Price Guide! Level up your collecting game with a Premium Membership and get excited!

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