Suicide Squad (part 3): Enchantress, Killer Croc, Slipknot

by James Jou

enchantress-e1571588112444-300x165 Suicide Squad (part 3):  Enchantress,  Killer Croc,  SlipknotMuch has changed since starting coverage of the market for the first Suicide Squad members’ key comic books. This includes an official confirmation of the returning, and thus, non-returning characters for the sequel movie. By coincidence, the three remaining members of the first squad to be analyzed here: Enchantress, Killer Croc, and Slipknot; are definite no-goes. Perhaps the information here will provide final closure for anyone still on the fence of whether to hold out for the longer term.



118690_d9c8f0fd002f895cc30e95885f5c9b54b5302433-199x300 Suicide Squad (part 3):  Enchantress,  Killer Croc,  SlipknotSTRANGE ADVENTURES #187 (1966)

In short, Strange Adventures #187 tells the story of how artist June Moone got the best party favor ever; the ability to turn into the powerful sorceress Enchantress. Due to a small number of CGC graded copies of Strange Adventures #187 that exist and a low volume of sales, a wider-range of grades are observed below. Included are CGC 9.0/8.5/7.5/6.5/5.5.

ss3_1a-300x181 Suicide Squad (part 3):  Enchantress,  Killer Croc,  Slipknot

It would be adding insult to injury to insert an Enchantress joke about losing in the movie, and also failing in the market. Only bad news with sales for Strange Adventures #187 declining in price across all the grades, with the higher end declining at a faster rate. Again, the higher end does have a lower volume of sales, but it also has much more room to fall, which it has been doing. This is a knife not worth trying to catch.



135291_810ec85bdd702858578f1b759d3ce51be2e17d11-200x300 Suicide Squad (part 3):  Enchantress,  Killer Croc,  SlipknotDETECTIVE COMICS #523 (1983) & DETECTIVE COMICS #524 (1983)

For Killer Croc (aka Waylon Jones), his two keys are spread across his first cameo appearance in Detective Comics #523; followed immediately after with a first full appearance in Detective Comics #524. Between the two, it appears the market prefers the cameo over the full appearance. On the left is CGC 9.8/9.6 for Detective Comics #523, and on the right is CGC 9.8 for Detective Comics #524.





ss3_2b-300x181 Suicide Squad (part 3):  Enchantress,  Killer Croc,  Slipknot ss3_3c-300x181 Suicide Squad (part 3):  Enchantress,  Killer Croc,  Slipknot

135376_ae57de1e09c3e50dbb663a5fbf21e6ba94d4bedf-200x300 Suicide Squad (part 3):  Enchantress,  Killer Croc,  SlipknotFor both books at the 9.8 grade, sales occur in a rather wide-range relative to the books’ values, which may mislead some into thinking that a large upward or downward movement is occurring; but looking at it over a larger timeframe of the last few years, the overall trend of the wide-range is flat. While both books don’t have optimistic outlooks, Detective Comics #523 performs marginally better than #524; again, not that it’s a good thing, more so a lesser of two evils.



137277_320ebfe512ed7d577ec8eea551e936dafcd45559-199x300 Suicide Squad (part 3):  Enchantress,  Killer Croc,  SlipknotTHE FURY OF FIRESTORM #28 (1984)

In a direct homage to Suicide Squad #9 (1989), it was quite the comedic beat that Captain Boomerang’s meddling led to the quick death of Slipknot. Unfortunately, this also led to slipknot’s first appearance issue of The Fury of Firestorm #28 embodying probably the worst-case example of the downsides of speculation based completely on a movie appearance.

In the blink of a movie release, the market for Fury of Firestorm #28 all but disappeared at the end of 2016. The chart below shows sales for the book in CGC 9.8. Sales volume completely dried up; with the few copies that exchanged hands selling at rock bottom prices. It’s a bad sign when a CGC 9.8 graded copy of the book barely covers the cost of slabbing it.




  • Strange Adventures #187 (1966) – SELL
  • Detective Comics #523 (1983) – REDUCE
  • Detective Comics #524 (1983) – SELL
  • The Fury of Firestorm #28 (1984) – STRONG SELL



“That reminds me… I really need to get some new shoes.” – Joker, upon seeing Killer Croc



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J. Dice October 29, 2019 - 5:07 pm

I always look forward to your analysis, but it seems many of the books you highlight have the same curve with prices spiking late 2018 and then declining in 2019. It would be great if you could produce an aggregate analysis showing the overall trend of the comic market as a whole.


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