Suicide Squad 2: Bronze Tiger

by Norman Robinson III

141093_37433c018c461c36511f31254e3cb76b7712c706-200x300 Suicide Squad 2: Bronze TigerWarner Brothers have picked up James Gunn and he is directing the next Suicide Squad. Furthermore, Will Smith is off the movie. Apparently, he left on good terms but with Deadshot more than likely taking a sabbatical who are some of the new characters that James Gunn may insert into the squad? After all, someone needs to replace Will Smith’s over the top alpha maleness. How about an oldie but a goodie, Bronze Tiger? For all the grandiose name suggests, this guy has no powers to speak of. Yep, a superhero without superpowers; how does that work? Well, Bronze Tiger does have one thing going for him he is probably one of the best martial artists in the DC Universe. Yep, he has even beaten Batman and fought Richard Dragon to a complete and utter standstill. Imagine this, Bronze Tiger slugging it out with one of the other Suiciders or better yet a DC hero or two. With Gunn at the helm, we can count on Bronze Tiger playing a significant role similar to the galactic assassin Gamora in his earlier success Guardians of the Galaxy.

Richard Dragons Kung Fu Fighter #1

The Bronze Tiger first appeared in Richard Dragons Kung Fu Fighter #1This character along with his sidekick (kidding) Richard Dragon was created by Jim Dennis (script) with Dick Giordano and Leopoldo Duranona (pencils). Can the world stand another martial artist character in the role of a superhero or supervillain for that matter? Further, is there any money in this character’s first appearance?

126520_088a93bbb401ebc5925d839a6308dda6117686d2-191x300 Suicide Squad 2: Bronze TigerThe long-term trend:

  • Grade 9.8 is running at $260 FMV and returns a positive +44%
  • Grade 9.6 is running at $55 FMV and returns a positive +23.8% 
  • The lowest grade with actual sales is grade 8.0 is currently running about $14 and returns a positive +220% 

Beware the Bronze Tiger has shed some profit as of late, many of the 2018 year trends had been negative:

  • Grade 9.4 negative -29%
  • Grade 9.2 negative -14.3%
  • Grade 9.0 negative -47.3%

This kitty needs a distemper shot to be sure. There is something wrong in Kansas and it ain’t Toto. The good thing is that despite 2018 trends being relatively negative across the board the 2019 trends are going the opposite way. Hear Bronze Tiger roar fellow DC fans. CGC Census has a very small number of these books, only 195 now, that means this book has plenty of room to run.

Look this is a longshot no doubt but if the upcoming Suicide Squad 2 rocks in 2021 (and we are talking James Gunn here); then you can expect all the characters in his movie to be fun, and likable much like the Guardians. Don’t be a “turd blossom”, pick up a copy of Richard Dragons Kung Fu Fighter #1 while it is still dirt cheap. The current cost of a raw copy is about $12.99 on eBay or maybe even cheaper. I wouldn’t go for anything but the high-end stuff, 9.8 or 9.6 but don’t go any lower. There is no need to sift the kitty litter for a better deal. This book has gone nowhere for so long most people have forgotten about it. Does this longshot have some kung fu kick left in it, you betcha?

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