Sub-Mariner vs. Aquaman

by Norman Robinson III

120449_c7099fddee0900bee215adf40455e13676c3ff01-198x300 Sub-Mariner vs. Aquaman

In his self-titled series in Sub-Mariner #1, Namor finds a home among the top Silver Age issues; art by the brilliant John Buscemi with script by Roy Thomas. After all, this number one Silver Age comic with the second appearance of Namor (in self-titled series) is a good find in almost any grade. To quote Namor, “There was no way you could defeat an Atlantean.” This comic is also the very first Namor origin story, not as key as a first full appearance but indeed it is key to the character and instills value in a second self-titled series. The issue has shot through the water at torpedo speeds with Sub-Mariner rising 24 ranks to the 13th most popular Silver Age comic.

Currently, there seem to be some fishy legal matters to clear up before MCU can project Namor at a screen near you. Little chance of a current movie next year 2018, however, this is just an essential Silver Age comic to own. After all, a 0.5 grade in this comic has returned 7.8% in the last two years (GoCollect). Better yet a slightly higher grade of 3.5 has produced almost a 43% return as above. While a near mint in this comic has returned 12% at 9.0 grade.

The original amphibian, Aquaman, is the King of the Seven Seas and should be collected with the same aplomb as Sub-Mariner. Like his Marvel counterpart, Aquaman rules the seas, his first appearance in a self-titled series is Aquaman #1 in 1962, artist team Nick Cardy and Henry Boltinoff with writing team Jack Miller and Henry Boltinoff. Aquaman is moving at 30 knots up the river of most popular Silver Age comics; currently, he ranks 149 but has shot up 172 spots in the last six months of this year (GoCollect). Yep, “Almighty Neptune!” what a rise in the rankings over this past year.

Obviously, Aquaman has benefited from the Justice League movie that came out last month, and his own movie set to premiere next year. The speculation has driven his comic up substantially in the rankings. Furthermore, the price of a 4.5 grade is up 27% in the previous three months of this year. The King of the Seven Seas Aquaman #1 has returned 6.8% over the last two years, and Sub-Mariner #1 has only returned 5.7% over the same time frame. The crown goes to Aquaman who easily defeats the King of Atlantis in same grade returns.

Clearly in ranking Sub-Mariner harpoons Aquaman since it is the 13th most popular of the Silver Age (GoCollect). However, in a head to head matchup of returns, Aquaman slightly edges out the Mariner. When looking at overall growth in popularity, Aquaman has undoubtedly grown over the last two years again edging out Sub-Mariner. In fact, he seems the clear winner with a higher return and swelling fanbase, or in the immortal words of Aquaman “Almighty Neptune!”

Symbiote Carnage

Sometimes the second appearance of a character can be a good purchase. Carnage is a modern character in Amazing Spider-man #362 that may fit this bill. It has climbed 18 spots to #22 of most popular Modern comics. This second appearance was scripted by David Michelinie with art by Mark Bagley.

With the new Venom movie possibly starring Tom Hardy set to come out next year, the number two appearance has a catalyst going for it: movie premiere. Carnage was ranked as IGN’s 90th Greatest Comic Book Villain of All Time!” Perhaps this is overstated, but he has many fan-favorite storylines that would fit nicely into a Venom movie. After all, who could challenge Venom but Carnage?

The best thing about Amazing Spider-man #362 is the price. The last copy sold for $89 five days ago in a grade of 9.8! Yep, you read that right my symbiotes, a 9.8 perfect copy CGC for under $90!  No reason to buy anything else. Find a CGC 9.8 and purchase this issue. You will get a pop from the movie, and this character is too valuable just to kill off. I might even consider this a long-term buy and hold. The 24-month trend on the comic is an 11% return for 9.8 grade, make this comic part of your symbiotic collection.

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