Stunners up for Bids at SF Rock Posters & Collectibles!

by Sarah Thomas

091923D-1024x536 Stunners up for Bids at SF Rock Posters & Collectibles!If you’ve ever bid in a SF Rock Posters auction, then you’ve seen the high-quality stunners that cross their auction block – and their End-of-Summer September Auction is no different! Here’s a peek at a few of the biggest eye-catchers, but you’ll do yourself a disservice if you don’t check out the full lineup of 100 posters up for bids.

Without further ado, a look at a few concert poster stunners we’ll definitely be watching, complete with item descriptions from the folks at SF Rock Posters.

 AOR 2.1 – “THE SEED” – Charlatans – 1965 Poster – Red Dog Saloon – Excellent

AoR2.1SeptAuc23_740x-1-216x300 Stunners up for Bids at SF Rock Posters & Collectibles!

Here it is. One of the rarest, most sought-after posters in the poster-collecting world. This is what’s commonly known as “The Seed”. It got that moniker from being hand-drawn, whimsical, and goofy with a phrase like “The Limit of the Marvelous”. The band, from San Francisco, was the Charlatans, and in the summer of 1965 performed at the Red Dog Saloon in Virginia City, NV. up in the gold rush country.

This was several months before the Fillmore and Avalon Ballrooms had even gotten started. The Charlatans played for several weeks and during that time word spread of these unique, LSD and pot-fueled parties. Pretty soon people were coming from Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland as well as from the Bay Area to check it out. Those folks then went back home and went about trying to recreate a similar scene, complete with wild, hand-drawn psychedelic posters to attract like-minded individuals to attend. After that, the Charlatans went back to San Francisco to help launch the psychedelic sixties. The rest is, as they say, history.

Pictured in the Art of Rock book on page 89 plate 2.1, the very first poster pictured in the S.F. Bay Area section. Measures approx. 10″ X 13 15/16″. Condition- Excellent with four tape pulls, stains, pinholes, handling, and toning. Still very presentable. A must-have for any serious collection.

FD-27 – Howlin Wolf – Stanley Mouse Signed – 1966 Poster – Avalon Ballroom – CGC Graded 9.8

FD27CGC9.8SeptAuc23_fbadf4e4-a984-462c-92ca-93e293787cbc_740x-199x300 Stunners up for Bids at SF Rock Posters & Collectibles!

Headline Band: Howlin Wolf
Second Band: Big Brother & The Holding Company
Venue: Avalon Ballroom
Graphic Artists: Alton Kelley & Stanley Mouse (Signed)
Dates: September 23-24, 1966
CGC Graded 9.8

This striking poster is Signed in pencil By Stanley Mouse. The original poster was printed on vellum and measures approximately 14″ x 20″

BG-105-RP-2 – Jimi Hendrix – “FLYING EYEBALL” – Rick Griffin SIGNED – Fillmore/Winterland – Excellent

BG105OP2SSeptAuc23_740x-197x300 Stunners up for Bids at SF Rock Posters & Collectibles!

Here is one of the most iconic posters of the entire genre. This is BG 105 featuring Jimi Hendrix, John Mayall, and Albert King. The dates were February 1-4, 1968. The incredible, psychedelic artwork is by Rick Griffin, who as a bonus, has Hand-Signed this poster in black ink in the bottom right corner.

Griffin passed away decades ago and so his signature is highly prized. This is a 2nd print poster. These days this is the more affordable alternative to a first print as they have soared in price in recent years. Measures approx. 14″ X 21 11/16″. Condition-Excellent-Has corner bends and handling. So rare with a signature!

FD-3 – Paul Butterfield – Wes Wilson Chet Helms – 1966 Poster – Fillmore Auditorium – 1966 Poster – Excellent

FD3SeptAuc23_740x-211x300 Stunners up for Bids at SF Rock Posters & Collectibles!

We are thrilled to offer this original, first print of Family Dog Number 3 in the Family Dog series. It is estimated that only 250 to 500 posters were printed of this. Now imagine the attrition during the next 58 years and you end up with less than 10 % that even exist now. In any condition.

This one has just surfaced it is now offered to you. Art by Wes Wilson. The performers were the Paul Butterfield Blues Band and Quicksilver Messenger Service. Held on March 25-27,1966 at the Fillmore Auditorium. So early and so rare. Measures approx. 14″ X 20″. Condition-Excellent with light handling, staple holes that have resulted in small paper pulls, that can seen on the back in each corner. Presents quite well.

BG-5 – Jefferson Airplane – Wes Wilson – 1966 Poster – Fillmore Auditorium – CGC Graded 8.0

BG5CGC8.0Aug23_cbc939a4-f2cd-42b4-8f41-3945b88bb624_740x-197x300 Stunners up for Bids at SF Rock Posters & Collectibles!

Headline Band: Jefferson Airplane
Second Band: Jaywalkers, The
Venue: Fillmore Auditorium
Graphic Artist: Wes Wilson
Dates: May 6-7, 1966
CGC Graded 8.0

The original poster was printed on vellum and measures approximately 14″ x 20″. The Union logo #72 appears in the lower right corner.

Ween – San Francisco ’16 – Emek – Skeleton & Roses – Artist Edition – Mint

EmekWeenFD26SeptAuc23_740x-215x300 Stunners up for Bids at SF Rock Posters & Collectibles!

You’ve got to love this Emek throwback & homage to Mouse & Kelley’s iconic Grateful Dead 1966 Skeleton & Roses poster. Emek creatively designed this poster for Ween’s 2016 San Francisco performance at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium to great effect, mimicking the wear & tear of an old, hung-up poster.

This is the artist edition which measures 24” x 17”. It is from a print run of ​111 copies and Emek has signed & numbered & doodled this poster. The condition is mint.

Neon Rose 12 – AOR 2.128 – Chambers Brothers – Victor Moscoso – 1967 Poster – The Matrix – CGC Graded 9.8

NR12CGC9.8SeptAuc23_740x-196x300 Stunners up for Bids at SF Rock Posters & Collectibles!

Quintessential, penultimate. What adjective can we use to best describe what many consider to be the poster that typifies all things psychedelic? This is Victor Moscoso’s classic Neon Rose #12 poster, designed for the Chambers Brothers’ 1967 concert at The Matrix in San Francisco.

This image has worked its way not only into collectors’ hands & psyches but it is also featured in numerous Museum exhibitions. This poster was printed only once.

It’s CGC Graded 9.8. The poster measures 14 1/8″ x 20″. If are only going to buy one psychedelic poster…this is it!

AOR 2.365 – Wilderness Conference – Mouse & Kelley – San Francisco – 1967 Poster – Excellent

AOR2.365SeptAuc23_740x-209x300 Stunners up for Bids at SF Rock Posters & Collectibles!

Offered here is a beautiful, iconic poster created by Stanley Mouse & Alton Kelley. This poster was made to announce a 3-day conference for the Sierra Club. A “Wilderness Conference” that was held at the San Francisco Hilton Hotel on April 7-9, 1967. Stunning image of a Native American on horseback praying to nature.

Pictured in the Art of Rock book on page 239 Plate 2.365. Measures 13 7/8″ X 20″. Condition-Excellent-Has a pinhole in each corner, toning, and some small surface scrapes in the bottom corners. This would frame up fantastic.

Be sure to check out all of the GORGEOUS posters available to bidders in this auction!
Let us know what you have your eye on!

AAAA-Footer-CPPG-1 Stunners up for Bids at SF Rock Posters & Collectibles!*Any perceived investment advice is that of the freelance blogger and does not represent advice on behalf of GoCollect.

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