Studio 407’s GOLEM stops for no man

by Jeff

MAR121186 Studio 407's GOLEM stops for no manMedia Release — Forged by ancient magic and out for cold-blooded justice, he’s the dirt that brings the hurt and he’s not letting letting anyone or any thing stop him from his righteous quest – this May make way for GOLEM!

“I’m thrilled to finally bring the entire GOLEM story to life with the help of my amazing team!” says Managing Director Alex Leung. “Writer Scott Barkman really helped me make sure this graphic novel was exciting a read as possible and Mark Louie Vuycankiat brought every bit of action to life with his sensational kinetic art. We put our all into making GOLEM and fans will be able to see that from page 1!.”

“This book is a stunning action thrill ride that will have you flipping the pages faster than you can read!” says Marketing and PR Manager Ivan Salazar, “How many times have you wanted real world villains like dictators, warmongers and profiteers to get their due? Golem thinks it’s about time they did! This is a seriously thrilling “what if…” pitting a huge clay monster against the real villains of our world with some great twists you won’t want to miss. This May be sure to get your hands on GOLEM!”

In war-torn Sarajevo, one man fueled by rage and loss uses mystic cabala magic to create the ultimate defender of the weak – a hulking mountain of destruction known as GOLEM! But Golem soon breaks free from his creator’s control to deal justice on his own terms, blazing his own path of retribution and devastation. Can the forces of both good and evil be marshaled together to destroy the uncontrollable abomination? Or will the world face the first WMD with teeth? It’s an no-holds-barred, slug fest you can’t miss!

GOLEM TPB is written by Scott Barkman and Alex Leung (NIGHT & FOG) with illustrations by Mark Louie Vuycankiat (TIGER & CRANE, THE EDGE). This graphic novel is the full continuation of the GOLEM one-shot previously published by Studio 407. This book ships in May at a price point of only $12.99 and a Diamond code of MAR121186. Pre-order your copy at your local comic shop today!

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