Studio 407 makes it easy to pre-order FICTIONAUTS and THE SPARK

by Jeff

APR121223 Studio 407 makes it easy to pre-order FICTIONAUTS and THE SPARKMedia Release — Studio 407 is doing it again. Making it easy for fans of comics to pre-order two fantastic trades from their local comic shops through the FICTIONAUTS and THE SPARK Pre-Order Sites!

If you’re new to the Studio 407 Pre-Order sites this is how they work:

APR121224 Studio 407 makes it easy to pre-order FICTIONAUTS and THE SPARKClick on either of the two links above to pre-order our comics from a number of participating retailer across America! Just choose the retailer nearest you, complete the information form and we’ll send an email to your chosen retailer to make sure you get your Studio 407 comic on the day of release. Its free, easy and takes only seconds!

Can’t find the comic shop nearest you? No problem! Just shoot us their email, we’ll contact them and get them on the list. Check back constantly to see if your favorite comic shop has been added!

And there’s no way we can forget our international fans! We’ve paired up with Things From Another World to be able to deliver FICTIONAUTS and THE SPARK directly to your home wherever you may live, visit the pre-order sites to find out how.

So if you haven’t told your local comic shop you want FICTIONAUTS and THE SPARK from Studio 407 now’s your chance. Don’t delay, pre-order today!

FICTIONAUTS is a softcover OGN written by Mauro Mantella with full-color illustrations by Leandro Rizzo (WARCRAFT: LEGENDS). This book ships from Studio-407 in June at a price point of $12.99 with a Diamond code of APR121223.

THE SPARK is written by Martin Renard with sensational art by Nahuel Sagarnaga Cozman. This title will be released in softcover from Studio-407 in June with a price point of $12.99 and a Diamond code of APR121224.

About Studio 407
Since 2006 Studio 407 ( has been a dynamic, creator driven publishing house producing some of the most imaginative and unique properties in the comics space today. By tapping into both Eastern and Western influences, stories created by Studio 407 exist with the ability to appeal to audiences across several platforms of popular media including video games, animation and feature films. With nearly six years of experience developing intellectual properties, Studio 407 believes that the greatest stories can transcend any platform to reach the widest audience possible. From capes to kung fu. From our world to yours. Welcome to the 407 Age of Comics!

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