Story Arcs Explained: Flashpoint

by Ariel Lazo

Flashpoint2_57ef1a38a19719.69834953-300x230 Story Arcs Explained: FlashpointFlashpoint is one of the biggest DC events ever. It changed origin stories and ushered in DC’s New 52. In other words, every DC book that has been published in the past 5 years has its beginnings at Flashpoint. But what is Flashpoint? What events occurred that we need to know? And, most importantly, what books do I need to snatch up now? All this and more below!


Flashpoint is a miniseries running from Issue 1-5. This miniseries changed the entire course for the DC Universe. I will try and give you a quick synopsis of the whole arc. Some parts have been skipped over that really do not affect the storyline. Let’s start it off with Issue #1!


Flashpoint_Vol_2_1-195x300 Story Arcs Explained: FlashpointFlashpoint #1

Barry wakes up at his desk to a world not his own. Before he has time to realize what’s going on, he hears about a felony occurring. He gets up and runs out but when he runs, he realizes his speed is now gone.  While trying to figure out the issue with his powers, Barry sees some new, old faces. While trying to get his head around everything, he runs into his mother, Nora! Now he knows for sure, he isn’t in Kansas anymore.

While quizzing his mother on the new reality, another war is brewing. The Amazons and the Atlanteans are at each other’s neck. Lead by both Aquaman and Wonder Woman, both nations are destroying the world in order to take each other apart. Cyborg is assembling all of the world’s greatest heroes. He is looking for help in the war between Wonder Woman and Aquaman.

During his conversation with his mother, Barry learns that there is no Flash or Superman in this world. However, there is a Batman and a Gotham City. Barry knowing where the Batcave is pays it a visit. While looking around he sees that much has changed. No more trophies are shown around and where once stood Jason Todd’s Robin outfit is just a gun.  Before Barry could ask Batman anything, he attacks.

Flashpoint #2Flashpoint_Vol_2_2-193x300 Story Arcs Explained: Flashpoint

While being attacked by Batman, Barry’s memories change. He suddenly starts to remember events from this timeline as if they were his own. He tries to tell Batman who he is but he doesn’t believe him. But this Batman is Thomas Wayne. Barry learns that it was Bruce who died in Crime Alley, while his mother and father were left alive. In order to cope, Thomas became the Dark Knight and Martha, overcome with guilt and grief becomes the Joker. Figuring that his suit would prove his story he calls it from his ring. However, the Reverse Flash suit pops out. Barry explains that Reverse Flash and he both have the power to alter time. Thomas believing a world with Bruce exists believes and helps him.

Barry knowing he needs his power tries to recreate it with Thomas Wayne. Using an electric chair, he straps in and gets hit with a bolt of lightning. All this does is burn him to a crisp.

Flashpoint #3Flashpoint_Vol_2_3-195x300 Story Arcs Explained: Flashpoint

Singed beyond all repair, Barry pleads to Thomas to try one more time. This time the Flash is back! With his powers fully intact, they join with Cyborg to look for the Man of Steel himself. In a secret bunker, under code-name Project Superman, they finally find him. However, they find him in a very frail and pale state. This Superman has never seen sunshine and has never used his powers. Confronted by guards, the scared Kal-El flies off, leaving our heroes alone.

Flashpoint #4Flashpoint_Vol_2_4-195x300 Story Arcs Explained: Flashpoint

This issue sees the death of two beloved heroes. Luckily Element Woman arrived in time to help save our heroes. Having rushed to Fawcett City, Batman, The Flash, Element Woman, and Cyborg recruit the Marvel Family into helping. Batman asks Billy Batson to use his electricity to try and stabilize Barry’s mind. If Barry can’t hold on to his memories, he will not be able to change this timeline.  The war still rages on in Europe between the Amazons and Atlanteans. Hal Jordan was one of the first casualties to be reported. This is when Barry had enough and needs to fix the timeline for good. In joining the battle, the Marvel Family transformed into Captain Thunder and was then turned mortal by Enchantress. Seeing that Captain Thunder was just a kid, Wonder Woman became furious. She then had Penthesileia kill Billy Batson.  The issue ends with the confrontation of Flash and Reverse-Flash.

Flashpoint_Vol_2_5-192x300 Story Arcs Explained: FlashpointFlashpoint #5

Here we learn it all. As the war reaches its end, Professor Zoom aka Reverse Flash reveals it all to Barry. They find out that Barry was the one responsible for the creation of this new world. Barry decided to travel back in time and save his mother. In doing so not only did he change the entire timeline, along with the lives of everyone, he also created a loophole. In this loophole, Reverse-Flash is now allowed to live free from history. This allows him to do as he pleases.

Still, as the war rages on, the Earth is at risk of being torn apart. Batman mortally wounded gives a letter to Barry for Bruce. Barry jumps into the time stream but gets pulled back to his house with his mother waiting. After speaking with his mother, he finds a way back into the time stream. While in there he meets a mysterious woman that states that the three timelines, DC, Vertigo, and Wildstorm were split, for an invasion to come. However, now they need to be unified, in which Barry complies.

Finally, all timelines are realigned, and the world is together once more. However, instead of the multiverse they now have Earth-Prime. All of the superheroes have been combined into one universe. Waking up again in his office, Barry realizes that everything has been fixed. He then rushed over to Batman to explain all that happened. While there, he gives him the letter from his father. As he reads it, he starts to tear up and thanks Barry.


flashpoint-cover01f-247x300 Story Arcs Explained: Flashpoint

Bottom Line

DC has teased us many times with a Flashpoint movie. Even in the Synder cut, we saw scenes showing us the possibility of this coming to the big screen sooner than later. Now is a great time to scoop up all the books associated with Flashpoint. Although it was a 5 part mini-series, there were many other titles to cross-over into this series. So jump on these Blue Ocean books while you still can!

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Pete September 14, 2020 - 2:07 pm

Hard pass!

Ariel Lazo October 11, 2020 - 6:43 pm

It’s not everyone’s cup of tea but it is coming out sooner or later. I rather have the keys before they start to rise. They make for great books to flip if you get them before others. Thanks for reading!


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