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by Matt Tuck

705177_wonder-woman-1-199x300 Stock Watch

A handy tool that you’ll see on is the Hottest Comics Tool. This tool lets you analyze the top-selling graded comics on eBay with a customizable date range.

It’s no surprise that “New Mutants” #98 featuring Deadpool’s first appearance and “Amazing Spider-Man” #300 in which Venom made his glorious, way-too-muscular-but-who-cares-it’s-the-1980s debut, are the top-two selling graded comics on eBay. For the most part, none of the top-20 selling books are shocking. Most are your established keys, like “Giant-Size X-Men” #1, “Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars” #8, “Uncanny X-Men” #266, and so on. What does get interesting, however, is when movie announcements or television rumors get the market jumping and rockets a new edition up the rankings. That being said, here are three of the more popular books making their way up the ladder for the month of June.

“Wonder Woman” #1 (volume 2, 1987)

I recommended snatching up a copy of this one last week, and it appears I wasn’t the only one with that idea. George Perez’s retelling of Wonder Woman’s origin leaped up the rankings by 58 spots. It’s a given that the popularity of that book is due to the massive success of the Wonder Woman movie. As movie goers keep buying tickets, comic fans keep buying WW #1 and fuel the market watch. In case you forgot, I also advise finding a copy or two of “Wonder Woman: Rebirth” #1. Not only do you get a great story with beautiful art, but you’re planning for the future. Once the casting announcements get started on a sequel, you’ll see the price on a high-grade copy begin moving.


118895_b43dd89462df26cff964448fad8611e21ac50a40-197x300 Stock Watch

Fantastic Four #52

The “Black Panther” trailer premiered during the NBA Finals, and comic fans took to eBay to get their hands on his key appearances. There’s no bigger Black Panther key than FF #52. Not only is this the first time Panther is in a comic (just as a side note, have you ever noticed the size of his hands on the cover? They’re bigger than his head!) but it also features the first appearance of the Negative Zone. When you’re dealing with an ever-popular character, top-quality key issues will fetch high price tags. Add in the excitement of a new movie on the horizon, and fans can’t help themselves. It doesn’t hurt that the trailer played during one of the biggest sporting events of the year. In the end, all that buzz from the movie shot FF #52 up 171 places on the market watch.

120377_721455054bc160f6f51b3ac5f9593bc73df183d3-196x300 Stock Watch

Captain America #100

The events of Marvel’s “Secret Empire” storyline has received much backlash from fans of the classic version of Steve Rogers. For those looking to remember Cap as he was – a Boy Scout worthy of Superman with truth and justice for all – it’s best to go back to the original. This issue was Captain America’s silver age debut, not to mention the Stan Lee/Jack Kirby writer/artist combination that bleeds through on every panel. With issue #100 climbing 82 places, even if you disagree with the current direction of the character, you can’t argue that the shocking development of Steve Rogers as a Hydra agent have propelled the collectibility of this one.

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