Steranko to replace Infantino at Cincinnati Comics Expo

by Jeff

CincinnatiComicExpo2011 Steranko to replace Infantino at Cincinnati Comics ExpoMedia Release — Flash, Batgirl and Black Canary co-creator CARMINE INFANTINO recently underwent surgery for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The DC Comics Publisher Emeritus’ agent, J. David Spurlock said, “Under his Dr.’s advice, we regret to announce that the legendary comics creator must cancel his previously announced, Guest of Honor appearance at this year’s Cincinnati Comic Expo.” Spurlock went on to say, “We are very happy to announce that we have made special arrangements for the legendary artist of Captain America, S.H.I.E.L.D., X-Men, Indiana Jones, & The Shadow, JIM STERANKO, to appear as Guest of Honor at this year’s Cincinnati Comic Expo Sept 17, 2011.”

The influential author, filmmaker, musician, illustrator and escape artist, Steranko said, “It is a special privilege to be the CCE’s Guest of Honor this year for several reasons. My longtime friend and associate, Golden-Age colossus Carmine Infantino was initially slated for the show, but will be recovering from surgery and has requested that I take his place. Of course, no one could ever take his place in our hearts, but I’ll do my best to cover for one of the four-color form’s greatest contributors. Moreover, it will be my first visit to this historic American metropolis and I’m looking forward to experiencing its unique culture, in addition to meeting and greeting all the area’s comics and film fans. And because I haven’t been to the city previously, I expect the turnout to be lively and compelling, an event of memorable proportions. Hope to see all my fans there–and make the day an exploration of the treasures that have transformed our imaginations and our lives.”

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