Start Throwing Confetti for The Legend of Zelda

by Take Root

Zelda-1-300x157 Start Throwing Confetti for The Legend of ZeldaIt is a guarantee that throughout this year, we will keep building up towards Zelda’s 35th Anniversary. It seems that many of us are holding our breath and on the verge of passing out. When will The Legend of Zelda get more spotlight? It seems like all the attention so far has been placed on Mario’s Anniversary. Gamers are antsy, and I’ll admit I’m one of them. However, I have full confidence more Zelda news is budding on the horizon.

Let’s Celebrate!

While some are concerned over the lack of attention thus far, as my fellow Packers fans would say, R-E-L-A-X. No Zelda game has wronged us. Let’s take a second to breathe and take a look at an old gem and a new find from this untouchable legacy.

Something Old

416-1595650726 Start Throwing Confetti for The Legend of ZeldaIf you’re looking to roll in some nostalgia while awaiting more news from Nintendo, there are plenty of masterpiece options to invest in. Keep your eyes peeled for an original NES Legend of Zelda. Bonus points if you can find yourself a gold cartridge. (Sorry, the Switch skin doesn’t count, as awesome as it looks.) If you didn’t beat this your first time around, it is a requirement to go back and do so.

This game carries enough weight on its own, that it doesn’t need to rely on pure nostalgia to get you through it. The argument of it not living up to modern-day gaming standards is nonsensical. There naturally are parts that won’t age well according to where we’re currently at in gaming. Take it for when it was made and love it how it is. Although you may need assistance via a manual, this is still a delectable treat to taste.

If St. Patty’s Day didn’t rub off any Irish luck on you and you have yet to have an NES version in your hands, go for the NES Classic Edition. While the worth of the Classic drooped for a while, this bite-sized version will come back with full-sized force. Fun-sized is better anyways. The Classic Edition also has Zelda II on this plug-and-play device, so you can really dive further into those oldies but goodies.

Something New

If you are itching impatiently for some Legend of Zelda news, I would urge you to dive into Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity. This game will fill your time while you wait, so pick it up if you haven’t yet. Breath of the Wild gamers will soon realize that they already know what the outcome of this game is. That qualm should not be a make it or break it, though. Age of Calamity allows a unique lens that isn’t provided by other hot series. When you love the franchise so much, why wouldn’t you want to dive further in with other characters? I’m a sucker for a good plot line (it’s the English teacher in me), and I would say this one is less engaging as we already know the end results. Just go into this game with altered expectations and be ready to embrace the hack and slash genre. The DLC is set to be released in June 2021, so now is the time to pick this up.

Rolling in the Rupees

age_of_calamity Start Throwing Confetti for The Legend of ZeldaInvest in Calamity. This game deserves more credit and will increase in worth over time as more people see the light. It is still in its swaddling clothes compared to the other Zelda games, so just give it time to age. Just like you need to give Nintendo more time to build up to the anniversary.

So while we’re awaiting more news, let’s kick off the party! What has been your favorite Zelda game so far? Which one do you think will increase in value the most over the next decade? Also, don’t forget to preorder Skyward Sword HD, set to be released July 16th, 2021 for the Switch. Dig those rupees out of your couch cushions for another Zelda game you can’t miss out on.

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