Star Wars Rebellion #15

by Jeff
geekgoggle Star Wars Rebellion #15

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Star Wars Rebellion #15
Dark Horse Comics
Williams, Weaver & Glass

Vector arrives in the time of Luke Skywalker. I had my doubts about how Vector would be handled in Rebellion. After all, Vader already got mixed up with it in Dark Times. Would they have Vader involved again? How could they not? However, this issue may have done the best opening with Vector of the three series. It’s a very good issue not just for Vector but for Rebellion as well.

The issue begins with outstanding flashbacks to a New Hope. This really helps set up a feeling that Luke is not over the death of Ben. He is not at ease with where he is headed and the fact that he is headed there alone. Then we cut to Darth Vader. He is curious about the Sith he left on that moon all those years ago. He too, is alone. He too, has a task that he wants to tackle and he is looking for help to achieve it. Vader dispatches some troops to check on the Sith.

Next comes one of the odd points of the issue. Vader enlists an old Rebel spy (you may recognize from a previous arc) to plant some information into the rebel network. What doesn’t sit well is that the rebels take the bait so easily. All they know is that the Empire abandoned a secret weapon on the moon and they charge off after it. Even Han tries to explain why they are still charging off and it just doesn’t make sense.

The issue has great characterizations of Luke, Leia, Han and Chewie. They all play a good role in the issue. Plus, other characters from previous arcs pop up and have good supporting roles. The character work is great on all fronts except for Celeste, the Jedi with the Sith artifact trapped on the moon. She barely speaks in the issue.

Vader’s troops are now the Rakghouls and they attack the rebels, but they only really seek out the Jedi. One doesn’t even realize she is a Jedi.

The issue contains a ton of action. The recap page pretty much gives you all that you need to know going in. However, the character of Celeste plays such a small role that you don’t quite get the right framing of how important she is and how important the artifact she holds is. It’s minor, but does downplay the previous issues in the Vector story.

Overall, this issue really uses the classic Star Wars lineup perfectly and for that, I am grateful. Also, this issue uses the spaceship arsenal to keep the Star Wars feel that the original movies had. The artwork supports of these ideas beautifully.

I found this issue to be one of the best in the Vector arc and probably the best in the Rebellion series. I cant wait for the finale next issue.

4 out of 5 geek goggles

14949 Star Wars Rebellion #15
Star Wars: Rebellion #15–Vector part 7

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