Star Wars Legacy: Making a Move

by John Gerlach

264233_9bad00d3b775b5e9d474efea2fc09cb3e8d2d420-192x300 Star Wars Legacy: Making a MoveStar Wars: Legacy is another recent series that has benefitted from The Mandalorian and Disney+.  This series is well worth your time to take a look, dig into those back issue bins and consider a spec investment.  Is there room for growth?  Which issues are worth a look?  Glad you asked.  For your Star Wars spec consideration here are some emerging keys from the 2006 series Star Wars: Legacy.

Star Wars: Legacy #1

264227_4006b26dc7c03acb5a17d00db4bc6b6c7200f396-195x300 Star Wars Legacy: Making a MoveLet’s start with the numbers on issue #1.  This first issue of the series has an FMV of $675 on 14 sales for a graded 9.8.  The five 2020 sales have ranged from $500 to $1000 with most of the sales at the lower end.  A few years ago, this issue was selling around $40 for the same grade.  There is also a 2nd printing (white background, gold title text) which checks in at a $230 for a graded 9.8 with 2 sales.  And there is a 3rd printing (white background, silver title text) with an FMV of $400 for a graded 9.8 with 3 sales.

So why the jump up in value?  Well, Star Wars: Legacy #1 is jammed with 1st appearances:

  • 1st full appearance of Darth Krayt
  • 1st full appearance of Cade Skywalker and Jedi Master Shado Vao.
  • 1st appearance of Darth Maladi, head of Darth Krayt’s Sith Intelligence and Assassination.
  • 1st appearance of Darth Nihl, a Nagai warlord and Darth Krayt’s enforcer.
  • 1st appearance of the 3rd Darth Wyyrlock, Krayt’s closest ally.
  • 1st appearance of Wolf Sazen, Jedi Master to Cade and Shado.

Whew!!   Most of that list are minor characters but still…pretty impressive!  It’s quite a collection of Darths.

Star Wars: Legacy #2

264228_39bbabfb78f66b09cd928d52bcd8b119d661a3a7-194x300 Star Wars Legacy: Making a MoveThe second issue of the series is not too far behind when it comes to the numbers.  Issue #2 has an FMV of $250 for a graded 9.8.  There have been 6 sales.  Again, this issue went to three printings.  The 2nd printing (white background, green title text) has an FMV of $200 on 1 sale for a 9.8.  And the 3rd printing (white background, blue title text) comes in with no established price from no graded sales at present.

This issue has the first in-story appearance of Darth Talon (I’ve got to say it that way because Darth Talon was on the cover of Star Wars: Legacy #0).  (The whole cameo appearance, 1st appearance, 1st in-story appearance just wears me out…oh, sorry I digress).  Darth Talon is female, red, and with lots of black Sith tattoos.

Star Wars: Legacy #48

408099_8f987d4c70043eade025764c639059975f4545e9-193x300 Star Wars Legacy: Making a MoveFor a dark horse pick (see what I did there?), issue #48 is worth a look.  Now I admit this might be very much a long shot with only 1 graded sale, only 7 total on the CGC Census, and a FMV of $75 for a 9.8.  However, there are three Darth 1st appearances in this issue who all give allegiance to Darth Krayt:

  • 1st appearance of Darth Havok, a Sith inquisitor.
  • 1st appearance of Darth Yuln, a female Sith.
  • 1st appearance of Darth Bokar, a male Sith.

If I’m counting correctly, that would be eight Darth 1st appearances in 3 issues of Star Wars: Legacy.  That’s a pretty good value for your spec dollars.  And the cover is killer!


Admittedly, most of the 1st appearances in these three issues are minor characters that won’t amount to much when it comes to spec possibilities.  However, there are some not-so-minor characters also.  Issue #1 is loaded with first appearances and worth a hard look.  The rest are possible emerging keys which means if you ever find any of these issues in back bins they are worth picking up.  Not many on the Census but that could change.

Remember the cover of issue #0: The Future of Star Wars!   It might just be true.

What do you think?   Is Star Wars: Legacy on your buy list?  Let me know in the comments.


FOOTER_Comic3-scaled Star Wars Legacy: Making a Move



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Nathan December 5, 2020 - 12:35 am

Also some other ones to keep an eye on are issues #4,5, and 16.

John Gerlach December 5, 2020 - 5:14 pm

You are exactly right!


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