Star Wars Legacy #39 REVIEW

by Jeff

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16138 Star Wars Legacy #39 REVIEWStar Wars Legacy #39
Dark Horse Comics
Ostrander, Duursema and Parsons

Usually I find stories in the Star Wars Universe that float back to Tattoine to be unimaginative and as boring as R2 and Threepio wandering the desert in the first Star Wars movie. However, this issue is excellent and not only is in on Tattoine but it actually takes place on the Lars moisture farm where Luke grew up. This issue takes its time to explore two separate relationships. One, is Cade with his sister/Imperial agent (or half-sister – we still aren’t sure), Gunner, and the other is Cade with the ghost of Luke Skywalker. The issue gets to the root of what makes Cade tick.

geekgoggle Star Wars Legacy #39 REVIEWStranded in the sandstorm, Cade and Gunner seek shelter in an abandoned Lars farm. They have some heated words as Cade discovers that Gunner’s father was the one who killed Cade’s father, Kol, on Ossus. This is an interesting development because let’s say Cade and Gunner are actually twins and their father is Kol. That means Gunner’s supposed father, Yage, killed Gunner’s real father, Kol. How would this be possible? Well, Cade and Gunner’s mother appears to have been married (or involved with) both Kol and Yage. Let’s say she gets pregnant and delivers her twins in secret and then brings each man a baby. Neither man would suspect anything. Each man assumed she was pregnant and she returned with a child so what would there be to wonder about? It’s certainly possible, and if true, that would also mean Gunner has force abilities. Although, you’d think a Jedi Master could detect if someone were carrying twins or not but Anakin was dumb enough to let it slip past, so you never know.

As Cade and Gunner find more common ground to exist on, Cade regains his weapons and seemingly is no longer held captive. Then Luke comes out to haunt him. This interaction serves as a good dissection of exactly what Cade is doing to himself. Luke articulates very seamlessly how Cade is basically on the doorstep to the dark side and has little control of the situation. Cade ignores these findings but as the reader, we clearly know he is wrong about thinking he’s able to control which side of the force he pulls his power from.

The issue ends as the assassins show up, as does Cade’s and Gunner’s mother. It will be a terrific climax in the next issue.

The artwork is brilliant. There is plenty of action as Cade and Luke have themselves a lightsaber duel. However, the issue excels when it deals with the character interactions and their reactions. These panels tend to have no backgrounds leaving the full focus on the faces. It works well in this tension filled issue. I particularly liked the visual of the Sith Lord Cade.

The comic isn’t without some pacing issues. The panels and page jumps seem to leap moods way too quickly as Gunner is screaming as only to have her apologizing almost immediately after. Some of these jarring panels may indicate that the issue is trying to cover too much ground.

This comic gets to the very heart of Cade and what is really about. It’s clearly dropping hints of where he is headed but the question that comes out of the issue is whether or not he can change his path. Because we learn so much about Cade I’d be inclined to suggest a newer reader might be able to jump on in this issue. It’s certainly a very good issue in its own right with plenty of yelling and fighting but also a ton of background. I definitely recommend this comic.

4 out of 5 geek goggles

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