Star Wars Legacy #34 REVIEW

by Jeff

15537 Star Wars Legacy #34 REVIEW

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Star Wars Legacy #34
Dark Horse Comics
Ostrander, Duursema & Parsons

This issue begins the process of reshaping the Legacy universe now that the head of the Sith is gone. Both, the Sith and Cade’s side are about to get some major changes thrown their way, neither of which may be good. The issue throws an interesting loop in at the end that will produce a character very similar to one from the original trilogy. There isn’t much action in this issue but we get to see just how much of a Skywalker Cade really is.

geekgoggle Star Wars Legacy #34 REVIEW

Probably the most important of the two sides is the Sith seeing as how they rule the galaxy. This issue covers exactly how Darth Wyyrlok plans to deal with keeping the others in line. For the most part, he plans to lie and deceive the others. This certainly can’t be the long-term plan, but for now it will suffice. We also find out that he, in fact, has offspring. We all know how Sith like to bump off their masters and since Darth Wyyrlok is already the third Wyyrlok to serve the Emperor, I’m thinking the kids end up killing off their parents. We’ll see how this plays out, but for now Darth Wyyrlok will be the man to further the mission of Darth Krayt. The question still nags at me though. Is Krayt really dead?

The second part to the issue deals with how Cade copes with loss. Particularly the loss of his childhood girlfriend, Azlyn Rae. She’s dying as a result of the battle with Krayt and the only thing keeping her going is Cade tripping over to the dark side to use his healing powers. Cade can’t let go so he brings her to his Uncle for help. His Uncle and Aunt find that Azlyn doesn’t seem to want to be helped so he comes up with a very interesting solution to this problem. Like Anakin in the second trilogy, Cade just doesn’t know when to let go.

This issue is terrific. There is only one small fight and the issue reads very quickly and with a couple of unexpected twists. This issue really helps to show the similarities between Cade and his ancestors as well as showing how they seem to fall into the same traps. The Sith also seemed to have not changed much. Despite all the preaching and all the plans they have it seems they all just crave power and that’s all they are about.

The artwork is tremendous. First of all, I was thrilled to see R2-D2 get more than a token panel and he looks great. The comic captures emotion so well. Whether its Cade in a craze over the prospect of losing Azlyn or the utter indifference Darth Wyyrlok shows when talking about the Sith, Krayt and the future.

This was a great issue and I think this title is heading in about as new a direction as it can. This is a tremendous series and I definitely recommend this to anyone. It’s not the same old Star Wars story to be sure.

4 out of 5 geek goggles

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