Star Wars Legacy #32 REVIEW

by Jeff
geekgoggle Star Wars Legacy #32 REVIEW

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Star Wars Legacy #32
Dark Horse Comics
Ostrander, Francia & Anderson

Last issue provided a major shakeup in the status quo of this title. You might expect an arc dealing with the fallout and you’d be right except that arc is not this arc. This arc parallels the previous arc and, therefore, deals with very ancillary characters in a specific segment of the war. The issue is a good one given what is dealing with, which is genocide. The arc has promise and this issue is a great start.

15535 Star Wars Legacy #32 REVIEW

A few issues ago, Darth Krayt began the process of wiping out the race of Mon Calamari. This issue picks up with the Sith rolling through the planet rounding them up. For the most part we deal with two factions here. One is the resistance, which is led by an Imperial Knight who was stuck on the planet. The other is a group of Calamari survivors trying to avoid the Sith and find a safe haven.

The Sith’s plan has many similarities to the Nazi’s plan to accomplish their genocide of the Jews in World War II. The first step for the Sith is to round up the Calamari to be put in work camps. If some die during the round up, well, they are okay with that. Some of the ones rounded up will get to be the victims of mass murder while the Sith test various ways to kill them. It’s awful no matter how you look at and is probably the most gruesome scene in Star Wars this side of Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru getting burned alive.

The issue has some interesting plots and emotions here. The resistance risks their tactical plans to save some of the survivors in need. However, if they harbor them further they risk being discovered by the Sith and being annihilated. But the survivors want and need safety, so where can they turn if not to the resistance?

It’s hard not to root for the Calamari and that isn’t just because they happen to be my personal favorite appetizer. The comic has women and children and show some gruesome scenes of death. Also, the odds are impossible for them to beat. You have to wonder what the Imperial Knight really thinks about the predicament he is in.

The art captures old school Star Wars. Vehicles, explosions, underwater troopers and some lightsaber action. Everything looked great, especially the Sith surprise at the end.

The comic is a good start to an arc that doesn’t have any of the major players in it. Sure, the arc is ultimately essential to the broad scope of the war, but it probably isn’t essential if you are following the core characters. If you like your Star Wars to have rebels fighting odds stacked against them then this is for you.

3.5 out of 5 geek goggles

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