Star Wars Legacy #27 REVIEW

by Jeff
geekgoggle Star Wars Legacy #27 REVIEW

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Star Wars Legacy #27
Dark Horse Comics
Ostrander, Francia & Anderson

This issue is a filler one. It’s a one shot. But it is by no means a throwaway. No, actually it’s almost essential when you consider that it provides a story that gives insight into two of the key Sith characters. It also gives some perspective in terms of continuity which is also important. For an issue that I wasn’t expecting much I got an interesting story with importance to the overall series.

Darth Wyyrlok is on a mission for his master, Darth Krayt, but not before the setup. The issue opens with the immediate aftermath of Cade escaping Krayt. This sequence provides excellent insight into how Krayt really feels about his trusted Sith. It also gives some validity to what Cade thought about the Sith falling into turmoil and a power struggle erupting if Krayt were to die. This sequence also shows a seemingly high level of loyalty on the part of Wyyrlok. He embarks on a mission to help cure his master of his ailment.

Wyyrlok travels to Prakith in search of a Sith’s tomb. What he finds instead is a tomb that still has some servants and some ghosts. All of these Sith that inhabit the tomb seem to be overmatched and easily manipulated. Wyyrlok shows his strength as a Sith and his ability to resist various temptations. It’s pretty obvious that Wyyrlok found himself some dumb Sith with the way he plays some of them.

15530 Star Wars Legacy #27 REVIEW

In the end, Wyyrlok doesn’t let on as to whether or not he found what he was looking for. Instead, we get an understanding of how powerful this guy really is. It would be interesting if he decides to overthrow Krayt. Especially now that he has some important Sith books he snagged from the library in the tomb.

The issue sounds very tame. I guess in some ways you probably aren’t missing too much if you don’t pick this one up. However, for me, I found it an interesting character study for Wyyrlok as well as the Sith as a whole. It showed a good then and now comparison for the Sith.

Another huge positive was the art. In the opening scene I was under whelmed with the presentation of the larger body of Sith. However, upon entry into the tomb I was really impressed with the setting and the Sith that roamed the crypt. I was very impressed with the cover as well. I hadn’t thought of Wyyrlok as such a badass, but this issue and the cover kind of changed that.

A solid issue in this series. While this issue may feel like a breather I found it to be satisfying to switch gears and deal with just the Sith for an issue. I liked the art and I found the plot to be a good measure of the Sith pecking order. I liked the issue and it probably should be read by those who follow the series. I would think a new reader probably would be better served jumping on somewhere else.

4 out of 5 geek goggles

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