Star Wars Legacy #25

by Jeff
geekgoggle Star Wars Legacy #25

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Star Wars Legacy #25
Dark Horse Comics
Ostrander, Duursema & Parsons

Another issue of Legacy brings more players, politics and deception in yet another excellent story. We have Jedi, Imperials and general scum. We have some old faces making an appearance and others referenced from the old Clone War days. This issue continues the steady series that is good month after month.

The issue begins with Cade Skywalker making a recording for his wife. This is important to bring up for two reasons. First of all, for three pages it gives a full and complete recap of everything you would need to know heading into this issue. Second, it gives an outsider’s view on how Cade and his crew are perceived. Basically, Cade’s Uncle thinks they are scum with really uneven intentions.

They land at the secret Jedi temple and Cade’s childhood friend, Azlyn Rae, betrays its location to the Imperial Knights. No sooner do the Jedi greet Cade and company that the Imperial Knights show up with lightsabers lit. A brief battle ensues.

Fel’s daughter and her Imperial Knights claim to have shown up to make a truce with the Jedi in order to overthrow the Sith. This is an interesting development because the Jedi decide that hiding would be the best answer. They feel they can grow their numbers while they hide. But couldn’t the Sith also grow as well? Also, its interesting that neither the Jedi nor the Imperial Knights trust, or even like, Cade and yet they are considering his plan to bump off the Emperor. All of this helps the arc to go in any number of directions from here, which makes it a lot more interesting.

When Cade pitches his idea to the council we see that the council has many of the Jedi who were left for dead in an earlier issue. Their escape isn’t explained very clearly and this could make for an interesting reveal down the road.

The issue closes when one of Cade’s crew decides he is going to get his revenge on the Jedi who killed his father.

This issue is very good. Many characters are showcased here. However, the best component of this issue is the attempt at an alliance and at a plan. Ultimately you would think that this alliance makes no sense, but if one side of the truce were wiped out along with the Sith then it might really be worth while. That would be a good motive for the Imperial Knights, but what could the Jedi gain from an Alliance? Maybe they are hoping that the Emperor will kill off the real threat, Fel, before them? There are many possibilities here that can be explored for many future arcs. It is for this reason above all others that I liked this issue. It was also nice to see some Jedi find their way into this comic and others get mentioned that had been missing since the Clone Wars.

The artwork is fantastic as it almost always is. This issue needs to show off a wide array of characters with all of the various Jedi at the council and the art really capitalizes when it can. I do have one small complaint here though and that is the varying length of the lightsabers. I just felt they would change height page to page.

This issue provides another prime example as to why this comic is the best in the Star Wars stable today. Cade is still a confused child, but he at least is starting to piece together how he can be left alone and that is to take action. This character is such a departure from all the other Skywalkers. It really makes this comic a can’t miss if you like this genre even a little. I highly recommend this comic.

5 out of 5 geek goggles.

14886 Star Wars Legacy #25
Star Wars: Legacy #25

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