Star Wars Legacy #24

by Jeff
geekgoggle Star Wars Legacy #24

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Star Wars Legacy #24
Dark Horse Comics
Ostrander, Duursema & Parsons

What’s not to love about this issue? We have a little double-crossing intrigue, some fighting, some Cade origin and the revelation that another Skywalker exists. This issue is about as good as it gets for the series. It rates with just about every other issue thus far. Is it perfect? No, it contains some flaws, particularly in the art department.

You may recall that Cade and his buddies had popped in on an old friend of Cade’s, Bantha Rawk. Bantha provides a ton of information on Cade, his mother and his father. It is also revealed that Cade’s father, Kol, has a brother still out there running around. We also learn that other Jedi from the temple survive. Just about all the information that Bantha gives to Cade is excellent in piecing together some of the Skywalker puzzle for this timeframe. It’s really excellent.

While watching the 6 o’clock news, Bantha and family find out Cade is wanted as a terrorist. Bantha freaks out that Cade is going to get them all killed by showing up on his doorstep. Bantha’s mindset is that Cade should change his name, sell his ship and ditch his friends to truly outrun his current predicament.

Cade copes with his problems by doing some drugs. This brings out the ghosts. You know the ghosts I’m talking about. In his stupor, Cade is attacked by the one tracking him from the previous issue. This person appears to be a long lost friend of his. Eventually the Empire shows up and all hell breaks loose.

There are many parts of the artwork that I like. The character of Bantha looks really great. He fits in with the dirty visuals the Star Wars universe is known for. Some of the action scenes provide some perfect details with the weapons and overall garb. However, many panels have zero background. Some of the characters in some frames barely have their faces drawn. The issue’s art has too many inconsistencies to rate among the best in this series. I found the art disappointing in too many spots for a comic of this caliber.

This issue sets in motion a few plots that will be interesting in the issues to come. For me, the most interesting development is the idea that a whole temple of Jedi are out there. One plotline that seemed out of place was the notion that Cade is going to hunt down Krayt and kill him. This seemed kind of silly and he was called out on it in this issue. I guess that is the driver for him to find the temple. It’s odd that the Jedi would hide all this time and then come out to help Cade assassinate the Emperor.

While this comic gives you a nice rundown on the inside of the cover, a new reader would have a difficult time picking up this issue and really enjoying it. At this point there are too many things going on in this series for new readers to simply jump on. However, I think a new reader could read a couple of issues and get most of the picture they need for this universe and its current state of politics.

I can’t imagine any fan of this series not loving some of the stuff in this issue. Plus, next issue promises another old fan favorite returning. Here’s hoping its Jar Jar Binks. Not really.

5 out of 5 geek goggles

14885 Star Wars Legacy #24
Star Wars: Legacy #24

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