Star Wars Legacy #23

by Jeff
geekgoggle Star Wars Legacy #23

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Star Wars Legacy #23

Dark Horse Comics
Ostrander, Duursema & Parsons

This issue jumps right back into the life of Cade Skywalker after a bit of a rest. This issue isn’t the same type of story as the last arc with Cade. This one is more about Cade and his relationships. Cade isn’t the cold and lonely guy with a couple of pirate hands on his ship as he was before. Cade develops and advances as a character in this issue. We do have the seeds of an interesting plot as well. This is another top notch issue for this series.

Cade finds his old employer, Rav, because he sold Cade out to the Sith. Cade shows up with his crew (minus Blue) and starts tearing up the place. Cade’s weapon of choice is now the lightsaber. This is as good as a spot as any to mention how excellent the artwork is. The coloring used for Cade’s eyes is excellent. It helps to take the temperature of his overall mood. Is he using the dark side or the light side? Green versus red. It’s really great artwork. Cade gets Rav to submit to his will. It does seem like Cade uses some power to get Rav to give in, but it could also just be a big light show. I’m not sure. Rav is the kind of scum who will do anything to survive the moment. Cade gets Kee and Chak’s ship back from Rav.

As soon as Cade leaves, Rav gets on the horn and talks things over with the Sith. He claims to be loyal to both sides.

Next we move to check in on the former Emperor Fel. Fel isn’t happy with how Cade has been acting since he left his sight. It appears he has some plans for Cade. Fel’s daughter also seduces another of the Imperial Knights against her father’s wishes.

After Chak and Kee depart, Cade tries to make up with Blue. Unlike previous arcs, Cade now shows how much he appreciates Blue. Although, it’s written in another language, Cade tells her he loves her. They kiss and make up. All of this occurs in front R2-D2, who hasn’t been present nearly enough.

The issue wraps up with Cade and company heading for a safe haven and then finding themselves under some fire. The last page has a mysterious figure reporting to someone unknown as he tracks Skywalker.

This issue clicks on a lot of levels. For one thing, we have a couple of plot threads just starting to open and they all seem to point to Cade. Fel has an interest in Skywalker, this guy following them has an interest in him and so do the Sith. Factor in that there are still Jedi out there and Skywalker is in great demand. Yet, he goes about his life as if nothing is happening around him. It makes his character great.

The artwork tells a great Star Wars story. The galaxy looks old and has a very dirty feel to it. Just as the original Star Wars movie did. The ships, the outfits and the weapons all look like they were purchased at a flea market or found in a dumpster. It makes for great visuals and sets an excellent stage.

Finally, the usage of the supporting characters helps drive Cade’s character forward. Kee, Blue, Syn and even Rav all have a hand in helping to reshape who Cade Skywalker is, now that he escaped the Sith. Cade isn’t so quick to turn to death sticks or go it alone.

I’m still waiting for Cade to warm up to R2-D2. Anyone else wonder where C3-PO is? Maybe he is straw that stirs the drink in terms of R2 being a central figure. Beyond that, there’s nothing to frown about in this issue and very little to complain about in this series.

5 out of 5 geek goggles

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Star Wars: Legacy #23

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