Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic #32 REVIEW

by Jeff
geekgoggle Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic #32 REVIEW

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Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic #32
Dark Horse Comics
Miller, Ching & Atiyeh

The home stretch! Zayne has turned Sith and is getting walking into his former master’s quarters for a death sentence. What?!?! I’m kidding, but I am not kidding about it being close to the end. Zayne confronts his former master who tried to kill him and a huge war breaks out. Literally, a war. It’s a good issue, but not a great one.

Using more of the Vector ideas, this issue has Zayne surrender to his former master, Lucien with the Talisman. Of course, he doesn’t really have it. Zayne uses deception and his new found ally to try to distract the Covenant long enough for the Jedi to invade.

However, Lucien’s mother’s aid, Haazen sniffs out the plan. The whole things blows up in Zayne’s face, but in Lucien’s as well. Basically, Haazen becomes the new entity to fear in a strange twist and a huge battle erupts.

15495 Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic #32 REVIEW
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic #32–Vindication part 1

I realize it sounds like an excellent issue and it does have some tense moments and great deception and action. However, the tension should have been between Zayne and Lucien, but instead it was between Haazen and everyone else. The deflection of this huge build up was confusing to me. I understand that there needed to be a real Sith character in the mix somewhere, but it was Lucien who tried to kill Zayne and who still wants him dead. That was the focus I expected and I feel didn’t get a lot of in here. Also, this idea that the Covenant has been walking along trying to stop Sith and they apparently have one living in their house seemed doubly as odd. It was just a confusing piece to this comic that I wasn’t expected and at this point, don’t understand how it all connects. One nice thing was that Gryph provides light humor and doesn’t eat the scenery, which seems to be a very fine line.

The art is very good. It isn’t great, but it’s very good. Zayne just doesn’t look too consistent page to page. On the other hand, the Covenant characters all project that level of arrogance and confusion when necessary. I also loved the battle at the end and how it is depicted. So the art was obviously much more positive than negative.

This series sure feels like it is wrapping up all things that are the Covenant with the way this issue ends. I cant say I see how all the puzzle fits together but I am happy to watch it unfold. I would think this series is ramping up for a big change in direction so if you are a new reader you might want to hop on for the ending here to catch what will shape the future of this title.

3.5 out of 5 geek goggles

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