Star Wars High Republic #1: The Next Darth Vader #3?

by John Gerlach

071921B-300x157 Star Wars High Republic #1: The Next Darth Vader #3?I believe everyone needs to include some Star Wars keys in their PC for the upside potential that is their long-term.  In this blog, I want to compare two Star Wars books: The 2015 key issue of Darth Vader #3 which introduced the breakout character of Doctor Aphra to the Star Wars Universe, to a more recent publication–High Republic #1.  Let’s explore the similarities and differences between the two issues so we can decide about High Republic #1 as a long-term upside spec possibility.

Darth Vader #3 (2015)

ezgif-4-627b3c012b75-198x300 Star Wars High Republic #1: The Next Darth Vader #3?Doctor Aphra’s debut was in this issue.  At the time the book was released, the hype was: “The most sought-after book on the planet,” which was touted on several comic books’ sites.  There was a definite buzz around this book and character.  There were an estimated 85,000 copies printed, which put this issue as #8 in sales for March 2015.

When the issue came out, I went to a comic book shop and found seven copies there.  I promptly bought all seven, got them graded (they were all 9.8’s), and then happily sold them later for around $75 apiece.  (I know, I know…)

Currently, the FMV on GoCollect for a graded 9.8 is $475.  The variant, third and fourth printing of this issue are north of the $475 price tag for a 9.8.   

Interestingly, from 2015 to 2019, Darth Vader #3 and Doctor Aphra stayed around the same value–about $75 for a 9.8.  But in 2020 everything changed and Darth Vader #3 jumped up in value to current levels.  Why?

There are several possible reasons: (1) “The Star Wars effect”–it is real and it has a big impact on values.  (2) The publication of her own titled run in 2016 and 2020.  The first series went a healthy 40 issues and the current Doctor Aphra series is ongoing.  (3) New canon material in the Star Wars Universe around this character.  (4) A strong female character that was described as an “Indiana Jones-type”.  

Star Wars: High Republic #1

ezgif-4-5f5d403cd8fd-195x300 Star Wars High Republic #1: The Next Darth Vader #3?High Republic #1 introduced us to the first comic appearance of Padawan Keeve Trennis and a whole new unexplored Star Wars timeline.  This book was touted as “the future of Star Wars”.  There were an estimated 100,000+ copies printed, which put this issue as #2 in sales in January 2021.

At the time of this writing, the FMV for a 9.8 High Republic #1 on GoCollect is $110, though on the Sale History Analyzer we see a -22.1% trend.  There are currently six variants that are north of the $110 price tag for a 9.8.  

So, will this issue be a great buy and hold?  

The Bottom Line

  • High Republic #1 is definitely not a buy and flip.  Values are trending down and will probably settle below $100 for a 9.8 for a period of time.
  • I believe High Republic #1 definitely is a buy-and-hold.  The similarities between Darth Vader #3 and High Republic #1 seem to be clearly present.  There are great strong female characters and unexplored storylines to be developed.  Especially with High Republic.  
  • A key question is: What is the investor’s tolerance for how long it is worth holding this issue?  Darth Vader #3 took over 4 years to jump up in value to present levels.  I would estimate the same time frame would be true for High Republic #1.  Obviously, a television show or film could change all that.  
  • Conclusion: Star Wars: High Republic #1 is a great possibility to grab now and hold for returns in the future.  

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052721D-1footer Star Wars High Republic #1: The Next Darth Vader #3?

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Jay Pele July 21, 2021 - 5:32 pm

Darth Vader 3, 1st Doctor Aphra, is a good bet, but not High Republic. Dave Filoni looks to be taking charge of Star Wars with Jon Favreau at his side, and High Republic is a product of the SWSG, who aren’t on good terms with Filoni or Favreau, to put it lightly.


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