Star Wars Dark Times #11

by Jeff
geekgoggle Star Wars Dark Times #11

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Star Wars Dark Times #11
Dark Horse Comics
Harrison, Wheatley & McCaig

With Vector moving on to the time after Revenge of the Sith, we find ourselves with a story that heavily involves Darth Vader. This series has already been very good up to this point, but the inclusion of this issue, it puts this series at another level. This issue has everything you would expect from the Vector arc, a Star Wars story and a Darth Vader fan. As promised, you don’t need to have read the Knights of the Old Republic arc to understand the Vector crossover. This issue catches you up to speed and then rockets you through an excellent issue.

Bomo and the crew of the Uhumele have just escaped from a deal gone bad. They were trying to sell a cargo crate. This is very important to the Vector crossover that I won’t spoil here. Eventually their paths cross with Vader and they are captured. You may recall that one of their own was captured in a previous issue. That’s all the hints you need.

Vader, it turns out, and some creepy old guy, are looking for Sith artifacts. They find themselves hunting for the Muur Talisman. In doing so, they find a data log left by a couple of goof balls from four thousand years ago. This is a laugh out loud moment that helps tie together the two series very neatly.

Vader finds the case that has Celeste and the Talisman and he wastes no time in opening it. This creates a problem because all hell breaks loose. The crew of the Uhumele are held captive and this occurs right in front of them, which spells certain doom for them.

Vector only visits this arc for two issues so this issue launches into the action. But this issue has so much more than a lightsaber fight. In trying to locate the Muur, the creepy old guy reveals a ton of information about how the artifact is perceived by them in their time period. This issue also gives a full explanation of what happens in the time that has lapsed since the Muur was lost.

Let’s not forget that this comic has stellar artwork. Knights had more of a colorful, cartoon feel to it, but this issue gets more of the darkness that it deserves. Its genius is showing just how menacing Darth Vader can look in comic form.

I realize that most of the characters in this comic are central to this series only. However, the real reason to pick up this comic if you aren’t already following this series is the inclusion of Darth Vader. He is seeking power and he finds it. Now he has to deal with it in order to seize it. For me, Star Wars is Darth Vader. This is a young Darth Vader who hasn’t yet perfected his evil, but he is on the way. This is the kind of story that helps shape him into an utter badass.

Forget Vector or following the previous title in the crossover. This issue has everything you need. I can’t recommend this comic enough.

5 out of 5 geek goggles

15005 Star Wars Dark Times #11
Star Wars: Dark Times #11–Vector part 5

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