Star Wars Boba Fett: Emerging Keys

by John Gerlach

707228_8387cda4a71da77f036b740240f715c63037328c-198x300 Star Wars Boba Fett: Emerging Keys Boba Fett has become an iconic figure in the Star Wars universe.  Beyond the 1st appearance key in  Star Wars #42 and his reintroduction in Star Wars #68, other issues featuring the Mandalorian warrior and bounty hunter are worthy of a closer look.

Star Wars Boba Fett: Overkill

260734_540dea51be5cae4b2227a8c262c48cf6b5d70941-196x300 Star Wars Boba Fett: Emerging KeysThis one-shot issue was published in 2006 and tells the story of Boba Fett taking on a dangerous contract to settle the score between two opposing factions.  Mayhem and “don’t mess with Boba Fett” soon follow.  

Why consider this issue?  Adam Hughes cover.  Adam Hughes’ only Boba Fett cover.  Really that’s all I need, but there’s more.  Let’s look at the numbers.   This year, graded 9.8 sales have ranged in price from $90-$160.   There are 27 copies on the census with about half of them being signed copies by…Adam Hughes.   

Adam Hughes + Boba Fett cover=look for this issue in back bins and when buying a graded copy go for an Adam Hughes signed one.  

Twin Engines of Destruction

260743_ecd77abd8e423d02c9d21272d4ad17f4d78e098a-193x300 Star Wars Boba Fett: Emerging KeysOK, so he is all about his money and his reputation (don’t mess with either!).  In this 1997 issue, he finds out some guy named Jodo Kast is impersonating him!  He wears similar armor even though he is not Mandalorian.  He is stealing bounty hunting contracts and he is getting famous for his work.  So, this situation does not make him a happy camper.  He is going to find this guy and… express his displeasure.  

This story originally was a serial in Topps’ Star Wars Galaxy #8 magazine.  This Dark Horse one-shot issue was hyped with: “Boba Fett vs. Boba Fett”.  

We’ve got 10 recorded graded sales and 22 total on the Census.  The last two sales for a graded 9.8 have averaged $55.  Why consider this issue?  Fun story.  Two Boba Fetts.  This is a great back issue find and a low buy-in with potential growth.  

Star Wars: Blood Ties–Boba Fett Is Dead #2

785958_648eeae3febc5ad58473e191bd738e08e44f477e-195x300 Star Wars Boba Fett: Emerging KeysThis whole Dark Horse 2012 series has some great covers and stories.  But one particular issue is interesting.  Issue #2 has the first full appearance of Ailyn Vel, his daughter.  (See my blog on the Star Wars Tales series emerging keys for her first cameo appearance–which was in a hologram).  

Honestly, not much heat with this issue so far.  The two recent sales of graded 9.8 issues were $100 and $125, and there are 14 total on the Census.  So realistically, this is a long-shot pick but it is worth being on your radar for back issue bin searching, and paying attention for any Ailyn Vel news.  

Star Wars: Boba Fett #1

260736_c3cec482a1134f7609d5cd3a34ff3a062fd6d835-194x300 Star Wars Boba Fett: Emerging KeysThis 1995 one-shot issue is the earliest solo series.  The full title is: Star Wars Boba Fett–Bounty on Bar-Kooda.  Bar-Kooda is a space pirate.  The setting of this story happens right after the events of Dark Empire II.  He is hired by Jabba the Hutt, and encounters Bar-Kooda the pirate and an intergalactic magician with a green rabbit magic trick along the way.  

This issue has been around for awhile with 30 graded sales and 58 issues on the Census.  In January of this year, you could have picked up a graded 9.8 for around $45.  The last sale for a graded 9.8 was $250 in August, 2020.  Was it an outlier, a fluke?  Maybe.  Not yet a trend, but here’s another issue worth your attention!


It wasn’t that long ago that Star Wars seemed to be fading when it came to spec.  Then came The Mandalorian and how things have changed!  Boba Fett remains a fan-favorite and even current minor issues featuring his character are worthy of a hard look for your potential spec.  

Agree?  Disagree?  Let me know in the comments.    

“You can run, but you’ll only die tired.”   Boba Fett

FOOTER_Comic3-scaled Star Wars Boba Fett: Emerging Keys



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Alex December 13, 2020 - 6:06 pm

I was wondering what you think about Marvel Super Special 16, the source material for Star Wars 39-44. Is it simply not widely known?

John Gerlach January 10, 2021 - 11:54 am

Great question. Value on Marvel Super Special #16 has definitely gone up for 9.8 grades but on few sales. Lower grades have risen but not by much. My opinion is that it’s more about the large format size of the Marvel Super Specials that have keep them some what off the radar. They are difficult to keep in high grade. That being said, Marvel Super Special #16 is worth finding a deal on.


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