Star Wars #68: Unlocking “The Force” of Star Wars

by Norman Robinson III

Star-Wars-68-196x300 Star Wars #68: Unlocking "The Force" of Star WarsThe true power of Star Wars is not the big-budget films or fan websites, but rather the unassailable impact this creation has had on popular culture. In the 80s the impact of Star Wars was felt so significantly that even when the Pentagon started naming military projects SDI the press immediately called it “Star Wars” after this space saga, let that sink in for a moment. Yep, that is one small example of the power of a universally loved, and admired franchise one replete with heroes and villains. One that even has an ethical code of conduct the, “Way of the Jedi.”

Our collective Star Wars zeitgeist has had some hiccups on the way to becoming a world-wide franchise, just look at the last two movies Disney tried to push. Both were immediately immersed in controversy and rejected by fans, as petulant directors tried to kill off as many icons of the franchise as possible.

The Impact of The Mandalorian

Mandalorian-Season-2-1-300x200 Star Wars #68: Unlocking "The Force" of Star Wars

The Mandalorian (Pedro Pascal) and the Child in THE MANDALORIAN, season two, exclusively on Disney+

Which leads me to the next transformation of this much-loved genre: The Mandalorian. This new TV series has set the stage for decades to come as to what the fans want to see. As a standard “Wars” guy I absolutely love it, a little Spaghetti Western, a little Shogun Assassin, and lots of intricate detail on Star Wars straight out of the original comics from the 80s. This culminates in what is possibly one of the best shows ever created for the franchise, shoot it even challenges my personal favorite Rogue One in sheer coolness.  Where does this concept of a Mandalorian come from? Well, the story of the Mandalorians comes from a comic book from the 80s, none other than Star Wars #68? Has this book risen in price and returns? What do we know about the Mandalorians? How is this book doing as far as popularity and turnover?

The Mandalorians are primarily a subculture of Mandalore and apparently sided with the Empire in the galactic dispute during the era of “The Clone Wars.” This led to their eventual defeat and enslavement by the Empire. No good deed ever goes unpunished especially when you are helping out the Vader team. Eventually, there is a rebellion on Mandalore lead by one of the three last Mandalorian Protectors (warriors), a peer of Boba Fett’s by the name Fenn Shysa.

FennShysa-259x300 Star Wars #68: Unlocking "The Force" of Star WarsFenn Shysa Story

Fenn Shysa was a male Human Mandalorian, born on the planet Mandalore in the years prior to the Clone Wars. Alongside his childhood friend, Tobbi Dala, Shysa joined the two-hundred twelve-man force known as the Mandalorian Protectors, under Spar—”Mandalore the Resurrector.” He would fight for the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars and, along with Dala and Spar, survive as one of only three Protectors to remain following a disastrous battle on the planet Norval II” (Source: Fandom)




star-wars-1-195x300 Star Wars #68: Unlocking "The Force" of Star WarsThis is as far as I can tell the first appearance of a Mandalorian Protector outside of Boba Fett. It is also a description of the Mandalore planet, warrior culture, and motivation in the big picture. Therefore, Star Wars #68  is the first Mandalorian and the first appearance of a Mandalorian in the Star Wars Universe (outside Bobba Fett). What kind of returns has this popular book had? Further, how does it match up against say Star Wars #1?

Title Grade Last Sale CGC Census Return
Star Wars #68 9.6 $297 346 +49%
Star Wars #68 7.0 $80 N/A +67%
Star Wars #1 9.6 $530 1967 +59%

boba-1-300x225 Star Wars #68: Unlocking "The Force" of Star WarsConclusion

The first Mandalorian has great numbers and Star Wars #68 designed in 1983 by David Michelinie is a hidden gem of delight. What is not to like about this comic book it has everything? With $300 you could buy a near mint plus grade 9.6 in this comic book. The return over the last year is +49%! That is cheap and when you look at the total in CGC Census, well you can’t help but have the lightsaber in your head click on for this obvious must-have purchase. Remember a Mandalorian relies on gimmicks, gadgets but most important fighting fervor to carry the day. So buckle up to your jetpack and blast off to the nearest LCS to procure this bounty, Star Wars #68.

FOOTER_Comic3-scaled Star Wars #68: Unlocking "The Force" of Star Wars

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