Star Wars #1: “We Must be Cautious”

by Norman Robinson III

129348_852b799502606a530341ab0b2b131ecb64a1eabe-195x300 Star Wars #1: "We Must be Cautious"The upcoming movie Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker will hopefully bring closure for “Wars” fanatics. It is the finale to the story that began “long ago in a galaxy far, far away.” Yep, Star Wars is old. It was created in pre-digital America (1977). Jimmy Carter was in the White House during the premiere, inflation was still rampant, and the speed on the federal highways was 55 MPH. Into this analog-age came George Lucas with his “epic space opera” and ubiquitous action figures. The world was never the same. The movie Star Wars (it was simply Star Wars not “A New Hope” then) would become known for its groundbreaking visual effects. The film grossed $775 million and became the highest-grossing film at that time.

Geoge Lucas would go on to constantly update the original with “modified computer-generated effects, altered dialogue, re-edited shots, remixed soundtracks,” and the truly bad idea of “added scenes” (Source: Wiki). The fans would never recover from Lucas’s constant tinkering. He simply didn’t realize what a masterpiece of storytelling he had created. As an artist, he never seemed happy with the final draft. Into this space-opera blunders Marvel Comics. They end up creating the very first Star Wars comic for the movie. Does Star Wars #1 still hold its value today? Can you make speculative money with this comic book, after more than forty years? Finally, can speculators still cash in before the final curtain on the Skywalker saga on 12-19-19?



220px-Luke_Skywalker-203x300 Star Wars #1: "We Must be Cautious"Star Wars #1

The first comic book series and the movie adaptation was Star Wars #1. It is a great piece of pop culture to own. The book was created with Howard Chaykin’s art, Roy Thomas on the script and Tom Palmer and Chaykin completing the inks. It was released on July 10, 1977. This Bronze Age beauty has fans from comics, movies, and even animation making it a highly popular collectible. How has this investment done over the long haul?






  • Grade 9.8 $950 last sale 12-2-19 returns negative -17.2%
  • Grade 9.2 $158 last sale 11-26-19 returns positive +5.5%
  • Grade 8.5 $138 last sale 12-2-19 returns positive +18.1%
  • Grade 7.5 $79 last sale 11-19-19 returns negative -4.6%

This comic book Star Wars #1 has an iconic cover, price variants and of course, the media assist of constantly bringing the Star Wars Universe to life on set and at Disney Parks. If you paid $.30 cents for this comic back in the day; then “the Force is definitely with you.” Comics managed to capture the imagination of the Star Wars Universe and helped Marvel stay in business in 1977. Back then, people became Star Wars fanatics, seeing the movie multiple times while in theaters.



652662_87c67e76142485141bf2d74fa19be4b23d538933-195x300 Star Wars #1: "We Must be Cautious"Star Wars #1 ($.35 Cent Variant)

This comic has a price variant Star Wars #1 ($.35 Cent Variant). It has sold for $27,000 in near-mint condition. Now, before you go searching for the $.35 cent variant in your comic bins; know that there are several $.35 cent variants. But only one is worth big “Imperial Credits.”  You might have hit the jackpot if the price box is square. However, if it is a diamond you don’t own the valuable one. There are second prints, third prints and even reprints so watch out make sure it has $.35 cent price, in a square box, and barcode in bottom left with no “reprint” markings anywhere.





  • Grade 9.4 $27,111 last sale 8-31-19 returns positive +51.2%
  • Grade 8.5 $5,700 last sale 7-5-19 returns positive +5.5%
  • Grade 6.5 $4,178 last sale 4-1-19 returns positive +71.7%
  • Grade 5.0 $3,205 last sale 1-4-19 returns positive +102.4%


dc9c24f9-4e54-4a61-8eef-4005f24bbd40-solo-ew-han-qira-1_3e78e93b-300x169 Star Wars #1: "We Must be Cautious"Conclusion:

If you can get your little Wookie paws on a copy of Star Wars #1 ($.35 Cent Variant) snatch it up immediately. Owning a copy is like owning land and remember, “They ain’t making any more of it!” These numbers will definitely send you into hyperspace. Almost every speculator would love to own a copy.

If you own the regular version, keep an eye on it. I predict it will fall after the last movie about Skywalker hits the cinema on 12-19-19. At that point, the big question is; can the Obi-Wan limited series percolate value for Star Wars #1? If anyone can bring the fans it is Ewan McGregor, he was a solid actor in every part he has ever played. I still respect his Obi-Wan in Revenge of the Sith. For galactic speculators throughout the Empire, remember the immortal words of the original Obi-Wan (Alec Guinness) when investing in Star Wars comic books:


“You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy (than speculating for Imperial Credits). We must be cautious.”

6de87aa4-cd0f-45ab-adeb-d6fbfe600d94-300x169 Star Wars #1: "We Must be Cautious"-Obi-Wan

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