Star Trek’s Bold Crossovers

by James Jou

706972_1f2271112489e8561a8f0f41f2fef0effe700086-150x150 Star Trek’s Bold CrossoversAlthough Star Trek has its roots on broadcast TV, the franchise also has a very expansive collection of adventures printed in the comic book medium. With the mission of Starfleet being to explore new worlds, it was only a matter of time before this included other comic book worlds. Boldly going where no crossover has gone before.

Here we highlight a few interesting Star Trek comic book crossovers.


STAR TREK / X-MEN #1 (1996)157437_66bb1ef14d1bc0aafcdc36c3b14e6f823520a947-198x300 Star Trek’s Bold Crossovers

When the X-Men chase after Proteus, a dangerous rift in the universe destroys their spaceship. Moments before the destruction, they are able to save themselves by transporting onto a nearby starship, which turns out to be the Enterprise. Initial misunderstandings between the X-Men and the Enterprise crew leads to an uneasy standoff, which includes Wolverine fighting head to head with Spock. Adamantium claws versus Vulcan nerve pinch; what more needs to be said to get you to read this comic book? Eventually the two teams join together to continue the pursuit of Proteus.

As if one crossover between the two wasn’t already amazing, the X-Men would later meet the Enterprise again, but with Captain Picard instead of Captain Kirk, in Star Trek/X-Men: Second Contact #1 (1998). In this story, Kang the Conqueror tricks the two teams into his plot to alter history. While some Enterprise crew travel in time to save Kitty Pryde from Sentinels, some of the X-Men travel in time to fight against the Borg Collective in the Battle of Wolf 359. Before it’s too late, they realize Kang the Conqueror had tricked them and they put an end to Kang’s evil plans. As an added bonus to this crossover, it’s basically two Patrick Stewarts for the price of one.



668822_68a742c79ff4648112b78dc8edcc047216c9713e-198x300 Star Trek’s Bold CrossoversNot to be outdone by Marvel, DC also had their own crossover with Star Trek. Anyone ever wonder what would happen if the Enterprise crew got their hands on the Green Lanterns Corps’ Power Rings? Probably not. The scenario sounds so random and farfetched, but it was actually the basis of the crossover series Star Trek/Green Lantern: The Spectrum War. The story begins with the Enterprise crew finding the body of Ganthet and the Power Rings. To their surprise the rings fly off to find new wearers; which included several Enterprise crewmembers and antagonists of the Star Trek universe. Meanwhile, several Green Lanterns, Nekron, and other villains converge on this Star Trek universe. The Green Lanterns team up with the Enterprise to fight back against Nekron.

This storyline is later continued in the sequel crossover Star Trek/Green Lantern: Stranger Worlds #1 (2016). It follows the Green Lanterns from The Spectrum War who are left stranded in the Star Trek universe. Without their Lanterns, their powers slowly dwindle away. While some of the Green Lanterns joined the Enterprise in its adventures, Sinestro has gained power in the Klingon Empire. The discovery of a Manhunter sets off a race between both sides to find Oa. In a final twist, Captain Kirk is chosen by a Green Lantern Ring.


INFESTATIONinf-195x300 Star Trek’s Bold Crossovers

Why settle for two universes colliding when you can have more universes? IDW Publishing accomplished just that with their massive crossover series: Infestation. The diverse list of IPs combined in Infestation includes G.I. Joe, Star Trek, Transformers, Ghostbusters, Covert Vampiric Operations, and Zombies vs. Robots. Sounds like a summer blockbuster movie that needs to be made.

The story is centered on CVO agent Britt, who comes under the control of the Undermind (the zombie hive mind), as she leads a horde of zombies through interdimensional portals into each of the universes. The heroes from each of the universes are challenged with stopping the zombie invasions before Britt can gather more power.  The Star Trek storyline of the crossover begins in Infestation: Star Trek #1 (2011).



“Highly illogical…” – Spock




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