Stan Lee Awarded NY Comics Legend Award

by Jeff

Newsarama has posted an account of the New York Comics Legend Award ceremony.

On the eve of New York Comic Con, fans and friends gathered on the lower level of the Virgin Megastore in Time Square to celebrate with Stan Lee, who was awarded the inaugural New York Comics Legend award.

Created by the New York Comic Con this year, the award will be presented, as explained by NYCC’s Lance Fensterman to the city’s favorite comic book sons. “Each recipient will have made a major contribution to the advancement of comics,” Fendersman wrote in the original announcement, “either through achievement in art or business; they will have made a significant contribution to the civic life in New York either through charity, education, public service or by advancing the image of New York City through direct involvement with New York.”

The gathering began at 8:00 pm, with a couple hundred people gathered in a cordoned off area on the lower sales floor, and the award ceremony began around 8:30 pm.

After introductions…

Fensterman then introduced Lee to loud applause from the crowd, and presented him with the small cut glass award, to which Lee good naturedly joked that at least it wouldn’t take up too much room, but he was going to have trouble explaining to his wife whey he had to come all the way to New York to receive the physically small award, leaving her to walk the dogs and take out the trash while he was away.

Lee then turned his gratitude to the crowd, thanking the attendees for coming, and the convention for the award. Ever the salesman, Lee ended his comments with a few words about POW Entertainment and his new book, Election Daze, which would be available at if attendees couldn’t find it there at Virgin.

Lee ended with a characteristic, “Excelsior!”

51frCm6BY2L._SL160_ Stan Lee Awarded NY Comics Legend Award
Election Daze: What Are They Really Saying?
by Stan Lee

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