Stan Lee and Jack Kirby receive ComicsPRO Industry Appreciation Awards

by Jeff

ComicsPRO Stan Lee and Jack Kirby receive ComicsPRO Industry Appreciation AwardsMedia Release — Stan Lee and Jack Kirby were honored by ComicsPRO at the 2011 Annual Membership Meeting as the recipients of the ComicsPRO Industry Appreciation Award.

ComicsPRO created The ComicsPRO Industry Appreciation Award to honor the individuals who help get comic books from creator to fan via the direct market.

There are two categories for the Industry Appreciation Award, one for professionals who are still active in the business of comics and a Memorial Award one for those who have passed away and left an indelible mark on the profession of comic book specialty retailing.

Bob Chapman of Graphitti Designs accepted the Memorial Award on behalf of the Kirby family.

With writer and business partner Joe Simon, Kirby created the highly successful superhero character Captain America for Timely Comics in 1941. During the 1940s, Kirby would create a number of comics for various publishers, often teaming with Simon. After serving in World War II, Kirby returned to comics, and in the 1960s, Kirby co-created many of Marvel Comics’ major characters, including the Fantastic Four, the X-Men, and the Hulk, along with writer-editor Stan Lee. After a stint at DC and another with Marvel, Kirby was one of the first to sign with the publisher Pacific, a company focused on the nascent direct market.

Chip Mosher at Matt Gagnon of Boom! Studios accepted the active award on behalf of Stan Lee, who shared a video message with the ComicsPRO retailers.

Lee began as a writer and editor starting in the Golden Age of Comics. With artists including Kirby and Steve Ditko, Lee co-created many of Marvel Comics’ best-known characters. Lee, as president and chairman of Marvel Comics, pushed Marvel’s expansion from being solely a publishing house to a becoming a large multimedia corporation. Lee is now creating new characters for BOOM! Studios and Archie Comics and is the head of POW! Entertainment.

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