Spring – In like a Flerken, Out like a Hulk!

by Michael Vlachakis

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It’s that time on the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) Calendar again…Spring!  Signifying rebirth and renewal in nature, Spring in the MCU means a new slate of movies and a glimpse into the future of Marvel.  How tantalizing!  This should get good as we build up to Avengers: End Game and look beyond to what may be next for Marvel.  We should also begin to see the comic book market respond appropriately as new characters are revealed and forward speculation becomes the new currency.  Lets take a look at what Spring may behold!

The first bloom will hit in early March with the release of Captain Marvel.  There has been tremendous hype around this film, it’s relation to Infinity War and the upcoming End Game movie.  Brie Larson is poised to be a hero for the ages as a strong, positive female role model for fans of all ages.  The comic book world has seen the force of the character already.  9.8 graded copies of Ms. Marvel #1, featuring the First Appearance of Carol Danvers as Ms. Marvel, and a Bronze Age classic have more than doubled in price on the open market.  They have a current Fair Market Value (FMV) of $2,450, which is amazing considering you could get copies for under $1,000 less than 2 years ago.  If you are looking for a more affordable comic with potential upside, check out copies of Avenging Spider-Man #9, which is the first comic to feature Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel.  This comic is better associated to the film and should see a better percentage gain upon a boom in character popularity.  Copies are always available in 9.8 on the market, and they are at a current lull in price.  Where copies sold in the $600-$700 range a few months ago, the market has actually cooled ahead of the movie and you can snag copies around $500.  Look for this number to jump around mid-March.

Upon the completion of Captain Marvel having it’s main run in theaters (I know there are Dollar Theater fans out there…I won’t dismiss you), we will be treated to the finale of all four phases of the Marvel movies we have been invested in since Iron Man in 2008…its like an End Game, of sorts.  There is no doubt that Avengers: End Game will be one of the biggest movie premieres ever and may challenge the all-time box office.  I believe Marvel understands the grandeur of this to fans and their bottom line alike…so don’t expect them to phone this one in.  I expect all the cinematic stops to be released to deliver something fans have never experienced.   I do not have much time to make it out to the theaters often, but this will definitely be one to head out and grab some popcorn for.

The after effects of End Game will have some significant ramifications for the comic market.  I expect a surprise character reveal…something that has not been rumored…akin to Howard the Duck in Guardians.  It is my personal belief, one that I have held for years, that End Game concludes with some sort of new beginning.  I will expand on this topic prior to April, but my gut has been yelling “Kang” for years.  We shall see.

Are you excited for the new slate of MCU movies this year?  Who do you have in the Random Character Pool?  What is your best speculation for post End Game?  Drop your comments and join in the speculation!

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