Spotlight on the Darkhhold: Darkhold Keys

by Matt Tuck

download-56-1-300x157 Spotlight on the Darkhhold: Darkhold KeysAlthough there has not been much said about the Darkhold since WandaVision, this could be an integral part of the MCU’s future, which will have these three keys appearing on your collecting radar.

Nothing has been said about the Darkhold since the WandaVision series finale, but the mystical book holds plenty of secrets. Far from a one-off plot device for the show, the book will gain importance in the coming films and streaming series, beginning with Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness. That will only be the start. The Darkhold’s comic origins tie the book not only to Scarlet Witch and Doctor Strange, but date back to Atlantis. In addition, its magic caused the canonical first vampire in the Marvel Universe, predating even Dracula.

In the world of Marvel, there are a slew of powerful objects. From the Infinity Gauntlet and Mjolnir to the Twilight Sword and the Necroblade, magic items abound. The Darkhold, however, is on a different playing field in the right hands. That is why going forward in the MCU, it will gain importance in the overarching storylines. This will translate into exposure for those coveted key issues.

Marvel-Spotlight-3-203x300 Spotlight on the Darkhhold: Darkhold KeysMARVEL SPOTLIGHT #3

Debuting alongside Jack Russell, the original Werewolf by Night, the Darkhold was another addition to Marvel’s horror resurgence in the Bronze Age. Along with WBN, the company would introduce Dracula, Frankenstein, and Helstrom, as well as Spider-Man foes Morbius and Man-Wolf. Having an ancient book of dark magical spells was right at home among the horror wave. In 1972’s Marvel Spotlight #3, the Darkhold was first mentioned by name, although we would not see it until the following issue.

Since WBN made his second appearance in this issue, it makes all the grades more expensive, especially considering his MCU rumors. The highest grade sold this year has been a 9.6, which brought a record $1,400 on August 4. It is not just the near-mint grades seeing a price hike; last month, an 8.0 sold for $280. 

Marvel-Spotlight-4-201x300 Spotlight on the Darkhhold: Darkhold KeysMARVEL SPOTLIGHT #4

After being teased in the prior issue, readers were given their first full look at the Darkhold in Marvel Spotlight #4. This issue also happens to be the third appearance of Werewolf by Night, a character that is heavily rumored for the MCU. Pairing the two together in a future movie or Disney+ series is only natural; that will make this the Darkhold key to have.

Typically, key issues for magic items don’t draw the same prices as those for characters, and understandably so. The good news is it makes collecting Darkhold keys easier on your budget. Here you have the book’s first appearance, and as high as a 9.4 is still selling for less than $1k. Looking for something cheaper? Check out the 7.0, a grade that last sold for under $200 in July.

Marvel-Chillers-1-191x300 Spotlight on the Darkhhold: Darkhold KeysMARVEL CHILLERS #1

Three years after the Darkhold was introduced into the Marvel Universe, the book would get its first appearance outside a Werewolf by Night story. In Marvel Chillers #1, fans met the writer of the mystic text, the Other, who happened to be a form of the Elder God, Chthon, who is also rumored to appear in Multiverse of Madness

Another reason to add this comic to your collection is Modred the Mystic, who debuted in Marvel Chillers #1 as well. Over the course of his Marvel history, Modred is both at odds with (and oftentimes possessed by) the god, Chthon. With Modred’s connection to Chthon and the Darkhold, it would make sense for him to be cast in the MCU as one of the book’s keepers.

When there was speculation that Chthon would appear in WandaVision, it sent prices for this issue to new heights. A 9.8 sold for a record $2,700 in March after never surpassing the $625 mark prior to that sale. The 90-day average has come back down to Earth since then. It currently sits at $885, though the most recent sale was for over $1k in July. There are signs that values are ready to jump. A 9.4 sold for $300 in August, which happens to be the highest it’s earned since February.


Marvel’s Bronze Age monsters are coming in full force to the MCU. It will pay dividends to invest in their key issues. That will make the Darkhold that much more important; it is a convenient way for the screenwriters to explain the mystical creatures that had previously gone unnoticed.

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