Spotlight on randoms: Tomorrow Man, Star Adam, Eye Boy

by James Jou

116174_1df1529346a966cdd2a82fbd4c9fe9276a8c41de-200x300 Spotlight on randoms:  Tomorrow Man,  Star Adam,  Eye BoyLike Kit-Kat which has more flavors than just milk chocolate and white chocolate, here is another entry in the article series that seeks to broaden horizons beyond the mainstay superhero names. On a side note, did you know that Kit Kat introduced a novel type of “Ruby” chocolate made from ruby cocoa beans?

Back to the task of spotlighting a variety of random characters; like any good game of four square played during recess, there are arbitrary but important rules; they are as follows:

  • Never been in a movie.
  • Never been in a TV show.
  • No rumor or news for an upcoming anything.
  • Bonus Points: Never written about in a previous article here.

And so, the random characters to be featured are: Tomorrow Man, Star Adam, and Eye Boy




“Tomorrow Man,” an alias we all call upon when challenged with work, school, or basic chores. Back to the task at hand, the Marvel villain Tomorrow Man, also known as Artur Zarrko, first appeared in Journey into Mystery #86 (1962). During a cooperative weapon test between Thor and the US military, the Tomorrow Man travels from the future and steals the weapon. Thor chases after him into the future; one where Tomorrow Man has already conquered the planet. A fierce battle of lightning and robots ensues, but Thor ultimately retrieves the weapon.127418_2e62508efb5d44963c5e349c48632e4333bf027a-197x300 Spotlight on randoms:  Tomorrow Man,  Star Adam,  Eye Boy

Tomorrow Man’s time-traveling capabilities is an extension of his overall superpower of higher scientific intelligence. He often surrounds himself with robots; one of the more notable robots is Servitor, which Tomorrow Man uses in Thor #242 (1975) to kidnap Jane Foster in hopes of getting Thor to help him fight against the Time Twisters. Again, at the moment there are no rumors about Tomorrow Man in the MCU, but certainly, there is an off chance his time-traveling abilities could be a plot device used in the whole Thor/Jane hammer swaparoo. Either way, a CGC 9.0 graded copy of Journey into Mystery #86, in the top 10%, has an FMV of $2,000.



718661_4df2e4d3efe460f8f45e600b838d840073d2219f-194x300 Spotlight on randoms:  Tomorrow Man,  Star Adam,  Eye BoySTAR ADAM

In the modern (last year modern) DC Young Animal comic titled: Cave Carson Has an Interstellar Eye #1 (2018), Cave and his daughter Chloe crash land in the home of a famous alien musician, Star Adams. The old friends briefly catch up, before Star reveals that he’s dying and needs Cave’s help in his final moments. Upon his death, the musical star was going to become a literal dying star; which in the astronomical sense, results in the formation of a black hole. 726677_1a924a3460c18f57b60ed23d96925352ecce2eae-198x300 Spotlight on randoms:  Tomorrow Man,  Star Adam,  Eye BoyThe influence of Star Adam’s music and the effects of his death serve as a backdrop for Dave and Chloe’s interstellar adventures in the subsequent issues of the series. The cover on the right, showcasing Star Adams, is the fifth issue.



701828_e577122c2fe7f68416d0750ebc5eaee4cc24e07e-197x300 Spotlight on randoms:  Tomorrow Man,  Star Adam,  Eye BoyEYE BOY

Readers with trypophobia may wish to stop reading here. Following the conclusion of the huge Avengers vs. X-Men comic event, new mutants begin appearing on Earth. One of those is Trevor Hawkins, who is physically covered across his entire body with eyes, which give him the various superpowers related to vision and perception.702914_b77f505b86feeb4d583d2e1d41c703f7c55d12a7-198x300 Spotlight on randoms:  Tomorrow Man,  Star Adam,  Eye Boy Trevor, aka Eye Boy, makes his first appearance in Wolverine and the X-Men #19 (2012) when he begins as a student in the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning. Although he is shy in nature, he proves himself useful on several occasions with his ability to see through the deceptive abilities of villains. The cover for Generation X #5 (2017), to the right, features a closer look at Eye Boy.




“We may be but flesh and blood subject to the vagaries of time, but Mjolnir is eternal!” – Thor


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