spotlight on randoms: Cormac, Omen, Bonnie Bates

by James Jou

121707_902ee9e7c39e4c0b5a309e275df4f59ef3b0348c-150x150 spotlight on randoms:  Cormac, Omen, Bonnie BatesWith comic book characters, like multi-vitamins, the focus generally tends to be on the main ones; who knows what luteins do off the top of their head? Here we will be giving some of the lesser known comic book characters a chance in the spotlight. As defined in a previous article, the parameters for selection are as follows:

  • Never been in a movie
  • Never been in a TV show.
  • No rumor or news for an upcoming anything.
  • Bonus Points: Never written about in a previous article here.

With a roll of the dice, the random characters to be featured today are: Cormac, Omen, and Bonnie Bates.



hulk16-224x300 spotlight on randoms:  Cormac, Omen, Bonnie BatesCORMAC

With a character design rooted in European folklore, it’s no surprise that Cormac’s first appearance occurred in a Marvel UK series, Hulk Comic #16 (1979). This issue follows the aftermath of Black Knight and his companions being caught off guard by a surprise attack from Morderd’s goblins. In the fight, Moondog is captured and separated from the heroic group. When the goblins decide to eat Moondog, it is Cormac that stops them with a plan to use Moondog as bait against King Vortigen.

131581_28d536878765af4c75d530416ba32bc933103eac-222x300 spotlight on randoms:  Cormac, Omen, Bonnie BatesCormac’s abilities include proficiency with a sword which earned him the moniker of “Cormac the Sword-Master.” As a Dark Walker, he is also adept at using magic, but was corrupted by the evil Nether God, Necromon. At one point, he is even able to use his magic to overpower the Black Knight; until Excalibur tips the battle in Black Knight’s favor. With the addition of Black Knight into the MCU, perhaps there is a very off-off-off chance that Cormac gets some screen time?

Currently, raw copies of Hulk Comic #16 can be found in the under $20 range. If collecting overseas first appearances isn’t your thing, Cormac made his first US appearance a month later in Savage Sword of Conan #42 (1979), which also in a similar under $20 price range for raw copies; sales for graded copies are few and far in-between, the latest was a CGC 9.6 sold in late 2016 for $95.



121707_902ee9e7c39e4c0b5a309e275df4f59ef3b0348c-201x300 spotlight on randoms:  Cormac, Omen, Bonnie BatesOMEN

Omen, whose real name is Lilith Clay, has the abilities of telepathy, teleportation, and as her name gives away, visions of the future. In Teen Titans #25 (1970), Omen first appeared as a messenger who gave the Teen Titans an ominous message, an omen if you will. Puns aside, Omen told the heroes that they would have a brush with death later that night. Without fully weighing the omen, the Teen Titans rush off to help quell a violent riot. Through a series of unfortunate events, some of the Titans accidentally cause the death of a civilian, which does not sit well with the Justice League. Omen returns to recruit the demoralized Teen Titans to a secret government project run by her father, Mr. Jupiter. Throughout future comics, Omen would join the Teen Titans on occasion on their adventures. The latest sale of Teen Titans #25, graded in CGC 9.8, was sold in late 2015 for $405.05.



114492_32eb02d7c2a2881cbfee89425ad912acde6aaa69-202x300 spotlight on randoms:  Cormac, Omen, Bonnie BatesBONNIE BATES

Bonnie Bates’ first and only appearance was in Wonder Woman #112 (1960). For her heroic act of saving some kids from drowning, Bonnie Bates is rewarded three wishes by Wonder Woman. Bonnie’s first two wishes are innocent enough; the first was to visit Paradise Island, and the second was for Wonder Woman to win an athletic competition. As her final wish, Bonnie wishes to travel in time to meet a younger Wonder Woman more similar to her own age. Wonder Woman fulfills this wish, sending Bonnie back in time to meet her when she was Wonder Girl. Unfortunately, Bonnie may have gotten more than she wished; dangers arise on Paradise Island which Bonnie and Wonder Girl team up to overcome. The adventures of Wonder Woman and a young fan are definitely worth a read; the latest Wonder Woman #112 sale of note was a copy graded CGC 8.0 that sold for $305 in late 2017.




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