Spotlight on Clea Keys: Will She Appear in the MCU?

by Matt Tuck

download-30-300x157 Spotlight on Clea Keys: Will She Appear in the MCU?The rumors persist that the Mistress of the Dark Dimension herself, Clea, is coming to the MCU, which puts a spotlight on these three issues. Let’s look at some Clea keys!

Marvel has remained purposely tight-lipped on its upcoming slate of movies. One of the most intriguing plots has been Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness. The good doctor has not been seen since Avengers: Endgame. Meanwhile, Disney+ has added to the film’s mystery with both WandaVision and Loki reportedly tying directly into Multiverse of Madness. The company has confirmed that both Scarlet Witch and the God of Mischief as well as a returning Baron Mordo will be part of the film’s cast. Past that, it’s anyone’s guess, and that has spawned plenty of fan theories.Clea-art-300x202 Spotlight on Clea Keys: Will She Appear in the MCU?

Among the ample speculation is that Multiverse of Madness will feature Doctor Strange’s ex-wife, Clea, in her MCU debut. She is a practitioner of the mystic arts herself and has even been called the Mistress of the Dark Dimension. She would go on to be trained by Strange before the two fell in love.

The continuing speculation leads collectors on a wild goose chase to get the next major MCU key. On that note, let’s take a look at the market for these three Clea keys with Multiverse of Madness potential.

Strange-Tales-126-200x300 Spotlight on Clea Keys: Will She Appear in the MCU?STRANGE TALES #126

Five years ago, this was one of the hotter comics on the market. The 1964 issue featured the debut of Doctor Strange’s arch-nemesis, Dormammu, who famously appeared in 2016’s Doctor Strange movie. Since Dormammu was defeated but not killed, it lends to speculation that Strange and company will visit his dimension in the sequel, and that keeps buyers eying this issue.

What will add to Strange Tales #126’s value is the introduction of Clea, Dormammu’s niece and Strange’s future wife. She is a powerful sorceress in her own right, which makes her a prime candidate for the upcoming movie. 

Considering this is a Silver Age key, higher grades are understandably pricey. The better deals are in the mid and lower grades. Earlier this month, a 5.5 sold for a record $500, but that will be a steal if she appears in the MCU. If you drop the grade to a 5.0, the price falls to $316 based on the last sale. 

The real sign of the times is the lowly 2.5. On August 1, a copy sold for $139 after earning just $33 in 2019.

Doctor-Strange-175-204x300 Spotlight on Clea Keys: Will She Appear in the MCU?DOCTOR STRANGE #175

It would be four years before Clea would make her debut on the cover art, and that makes Doctor Strange #175 a nice speculative issue.

Over the years, the first cover appearances have become more important to the secondary market. In some cases, the prices rival or overtake the character’s first appearance.

While DS #175 is not approaching Strange Tales #126’s FMVs, values are on the way up. A year ago, the 9.2 averaged just $63. In recent weeks, it has eclipsed that mark, and the last sale was for $105 in July.

Strange-Tales-146-200x300 Spotlight on Clea Keys: Will She Appear in the MCU?STRANGE TALES #146

When it comes to Clea keys, the cheaper ones will be those not aligned with Dormammu. That means Clea’s first two appearances will be hard to get, especially if she is confirmed for Multiverse of Madness. Luckily, there is Strange Tales #146. There is no reason to believe this issue will someday become a major key, but it will be a worthy addition for Clea collectors. In this issue, her name was fully revealed, making this a minor issue in the grand scheme. 

The most recent sale came in July when a 7.0 sold for $130. For a grade that high, $130 is not a bad price to pay, especially when you consider an 8.0 brought $640 in June.


With so much of the MCU shifting toward the mystical side of superheroes, there is a place for Clea in the cinematic universe. Since she hails from an alternate dimension herself, opening up the Multiverse will only lend to more stories featuring the overlooked Clea. Aside from being linked to Doctor Strange, she could be positioned to rival Scarlet Witch or even square off with Loki.  Will you be tracking down any Clea keys?

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Nathan August 15, 2021 - 3:56 pm

Hoping she does show up. Such an important character to leave out. Have a VG/FN copy of ST 126 and a FN+ copy ST 146. Also love that Ditko cover on ST 146.


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