Sports Cards Collecting Class #5: 1933 Goudey is a Game Changer!

by Peter Daddone

Sports-Cards-300x157 Sports Cards Collecting Class #5: 1933 Goudey is a Game Changer!Ahh, Spring is here and that means, hopefully, more outdoor activities!  Since our class is “virtual” and “self-paced,”  you can get out there and enjoy the great weather!  More importantly, getting out will get you off the computer and cut down your desire to buy sports cards!  Remember, don’t buy any sports cards until you have completed the sports cards collecting and speculation 101 class!

Reviewing the First Four “Classes”

lou-253x300 Sports Cards Collecting Class #5: 1933 Goudey is a Game Changer!

With the midterm just around the corner, let’s review! The course provided some general guidelines when diving into the sports card market.  In the first class, we gave you three important points about sports card collecting with a focus on changing your comic collecting mindset.

Our second class provided you with a guide to essential tools of the “trade.” It showcased important cautionary tales of fraud and counterfeiting in the sports card collecting industry.

In our third and fourth class, we dove into actual sets and provided details on navigating the massive and extremely popular 1909-1911 T-206 set and the 1914-1915 Cracker Jack Set.  Over the next two classes, we are (FINALLY) going to explore our first Babe Ruth cards in the very important 1933 Goudey Baseball set!

1933 Goudey is one of the “Big Three”

babe-ruth-3-244x300 Sports Cards Collecting Class #5: 1933 Goudey is a Game Changer!Our focus on the 1933 Goudey set will cover two “classes.”  Referred to as one of the “Big Three” (the T-206 and Topps 1952 are the other two members of the Big Three) The 1933 Goudey Baseball Card set is hugely popular.  Why?  There are a whopping four Babe Ruth cards in the set.  Babe Ruth was well into his career at the time the set was produced. Still, his four cards in the set represent the first easily collectible cards for baseball fans. As a result, they draw huge interest when one goes on the market. 

How popular?  Well, consider that the Babe Ruth card pictured next to this paragraph is currently being offered on eBay in mid-grade form for $54,000.  Card #149 in the set featuring another pose of Babe Ruth graded a 3.0 has an asking price of  $26,000.  Card #181 in the set, a picture of Babe Ruth seated with his arm leaning on something, presumably the dug-out step in poor condition (1.0) is being offered for $3,000. So, with those prices, can you see why this set is soooo popular?  We haven’t even seen the prices of the OTHER players in the set!

This Set Represents Much More Besides Babe Ruth!

babe-ruth-5-1-252x300 Sports Cards Collecting Class #5: 1933 Goudey is a Game Changer!I know, I know.  If this set is more than just Babe Ruth, why is EVERY card photo in this blog a Babe Ruth card?  Well, it’s Babe “Freakin” Ruth!

Yes, Babe Ruth drove the popularity of this set. Still, the 1933 Goudey baseball set also includes a wealth of Hall of Fame players.  The set represents a massive leap forward in sports card appearance and development.  Many collectors enjoy the high-grade art and quality cardboard stock that make up the set.  Fans also enjoy reading about the player on the back of the card. 

Historically, it is also the first baseball card set that was issued in packs with bubble gum.  So, there are cards in this set with gum residue stains on them!  The set is so popular that even old pack wrappers and boxes (boxes that housed packs and that were on display in stores were made of wood) sell!

Our next class will dive deeper into the rich history of this set as well as the great player checklist!

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