Spidey Rules the List: Hottest Comics 2/4

by Matt Tuck

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The Spider-verse ruled the collecting world this week. Four of the five biggest movers on this week’s Hottest Comics list were Spider-Man key issues, and two of them were even Holy Grail issues.

If ever there was a week that felt the impact of the return of the MCU, it would be this past week. All five issues on today’s list can be directly attributed to MCU fever. Here’s more.

What are the Hottest Comics rankings? These are the 1,001 best-selling comics on eBay for the past week. The data is based strictly on sales figures, and today’s list is all about the five comics that gained the most ranks over the course of a week.

ASM-1-203x300 Spidey Rules the List: Hottest Comics 2/43. AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #1 (+996)

A Holy Grail issue is one that is wanted by all but owned by few. These are the upper echelon of the collecting community, the keys among keys, and Amazing Spider-Man #1 certainly fits that bill. While it is second only to Amazing Fantasy #15 among Spider-keys, this is the beginning of one of Marvel’s most successful comic series in the company’s history.

This issue never goes out of style, nor do any of the classic Silver Age Spider-Man keys, but what has this issue suddenly on Hottest Comics fire? Blame Spider-Man 3 and the multiverse.

Marvel Studios has been making waves (more so than usual) after announcing that, indeed, the MCU Spider-Man will be grappling with villains from both franchises of the Sony-verse Spider-Man films. That leaves many to wonder if both Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield will reprise their roles as Peter Parker/Spider-Man for the film.

Not that a major key like ASM #1 needed it, but the added attention has made this issue even more valuable than it already was. The most recent sale of any grade happened on February 2 when a 3.0 sold for $7,300. That is just shy of $1,200 above that grade’s 2020 average. Even a 1.0 is bringing ridiculous prices. Last month, a copy sold for $4,299. Safe to say, you need to be in a high tax bracket to afford one of these, but we can all dream, right?

ASM-14-198x300 Spidey Rules the List: Hottest Comics 2/44. AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #14 (+995)

There have been numerous rumors of Norman Osborn entering the MCU ever since the first word of a Captain Marvel sequel left Kevin Feige’s lips. With Spider-Man 3 opening the door for villains past, could we see the Green Goblin resurrected to torment all three Spider-Men? That is a tantalizing prospect, and it makes an already expensive key issue even more lucrative.

Villain keys, even for one as famous as Amazing Spider-Man #14, are typically much cheaper than hero keys. Compare ASM #14 with the aforementioned ASM #1. Remember how a 1.0 would cost you about $4,300? Take that same amount and invest it in an ASM #14, and you can walk away with a 7.0 and have $1k left over to buy a 2.0. If you have the cash to spare but aren’t ready to plunge into Amazing Spider-Man #1, this would be a wise purchase.

ASM-101 Spidey Rules the List: Hottest Comics 2/46. AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #101 (+993)

We have known about the Jared Leto Morbius movie for several months now, and we already knew it was tied to the MCU thanks to the Michael Keaton/Vulture cameo. Along with that connection, the Morbius theories abound across the internet.

Since Alfred Molina and Jamie Foxx will reprise their Sony-verse roles as Doctor Octopus and Electro, respectively, that leaves the door wide open for all sorts of Sony speculation. Considering that the title role is played by an A-lister like Leto (save your Joker quips), it stands to reason that he is signed for multiple films.

The questions abound. Will Morbius be part of Spider-Man 3? Will he introduce vampires into the MCU, thus ushering in Blade? Could Morbius, Blade, and Doctor Strange form the Midnight Sons in the MCU? The possibilities are near endless, and it makes for investment gold.

With so much that could be done with Morbius, his first appearance in Amazing Spider-Man #101 is at a premium at the moment. Only a month ago, a 9.8 sold for a record-breaking $11,950. On the more realistic side of things, there are the 7.5 and the 7.0, both of which have been selling for close to $750 as of late. That is much more reasonable than the near-$12k price tag for that 9.8.

Whatif10-191x300 Spidey Rules the List: Hottest Comics 2/410. WHAT IF…? #10 (+989)

How much of this issue’s pole vault into the top 10 Hottest Comics is from the Love and Thunder set photos? In case you have not heard, there are pictures of Chris Hemsworth floating around the internet with him in what appears to be a Thunderstrike costume. That has the comic circles buzzing, and it adds more attention to Love and Thunder. That movie will see Jane Foster wield the power of Thor, which first occurred in 1978’s What If…? #10.

In this issue, Jane Foster picked up the hammer and became Thordis. Bear in mind, since this is a What If…? issue, that means it is not part of Earth 616 canon. In continuity, Jane held Mjolnir as Lady Thor in Jason Aaron’s epic run, which means Lady Thor’s first appearance was in Thor #1 from 2014. In the movie, I suspect, if she is given a superhero name at all, Jane Foster will be known as Lady Thor, not Thordis. Be that as it may, collectors have still wanted a piece of this action.

Looking for a copy to call your very own? Get ready for the Love and Thunder price inflation. Starting at the near-mint end, the 9.8 recently sold for $850 in January. Surprisingly, that is down compared to last year’s high of $1,125, but I have no doubt it will rebound when the first trailer drops.

Most collectors aimed for the 9.4. Last year, that grade sold 49 times and averaged $196. Over the past 90 days, it has gotten a price bump to a 90-day average of $219 over 11 sales.

ASM-Annual-21-Spidey-cover-195x300 Spidey Rules the List: Hottest Comics 2/412. AMAZING SPIDER-MAN ANNUAL #21 COVER A (+987)

With all the talk of Mephisto in the MCU and the questions surrounding Doctor Strange being added to the cast of Spider-Man 3, it stands to reason that Marvel Studios is plotting “One More Day” for the big screen.

For those who are not familiar, “One More Day” was a 2007 story that saw Peter Parker make a deal with Mephisto to save his dear Aunt May. In the comics, after Peter revealed his identity to the world in Civil War, Aunt May was mortally wounded (which has happened how many times?) from a gunshot wound. Peter turned to everyone and anyone for help, including Doctor Strange and Doc Ock, both of whom will appear in Spider-Man 3. None could save her, so Peter turned to Mephisto.

What does this have to do with Amazing Spider-Man Annual #21? As it turns out, Mephisto’s price for saving Aunt May was Peter and Mary Jane’s love. He reset the timeline, ensuring that Aunt May would live, Spider-Man got his secret identity back, but he and MJ would never fall in love. Could that be the story Marvel is prepping for Spider-Man 3? If so, that could be why collectors wanted the Peter/MJ wedding issue this week.

Two years ago, a 9.8 averaged less than $100, but things are changing. That same 9.8 has averaged $134 over the past three months, and one brought $175 in January. Between the two covers, Cover A is definitely the more popular of the two, but Cover B (not to be confused with Cardi B; that’s a different issue) with Peter Parker in a tuxedo would not be a bad investment, either. In December, Cover B at a 9.8 brought an impressive $195, which was a year-high for both editions.

That’s it for this week’s Hottest Comics! Be sure to check out the GoCollect Concert Poster Guide for even more hot stats!

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Aaron Kaufman February 4, 2021 - 8:47 pm

Please stop these hottest comic articles like the ones above. Anybody who owns any of these issues doesn’t need you to figure out they are valuable, as if ordinary people could afford them anyway.

Matt Tuck February 17, 2021 - 8:12 pm

Clearly you didn’t read the article before you started typing. The Hottest Comics blogs are not about these particular issues being valuable; it’s about the sales volume for a single week.


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