Spider-Verse 2099: Three Affordable Firsts

by Matt Tuck

012022D-1024x536 Spider-Verse 2099: Three Affordable FirstsThere are more characters from the 2099 Spider-Verse than just Miguel O’Hara, and their keys have a large potential with only a small investment.

Spider-Man 2099 has entered 2022 as the hottest character in all of comic speculation. Of course, we knew this day was coming. He was teased in Into the Spider-Verse, and that made his key issues some of the most sought after in all of collecting. 

If you didn’t jump on the Miguel O’Hara keys years ago, then you are behind the curve; any price you pay today is greatly inflated. Luckily for you, the 2099 Universe has plenty of keys to choose from. With the futuristic Spider-Man getting his big break, it opens a door for the entire Multiverse of characters, which means investment potential.

Secret-Wars-2099-2-variant-198x300 Spider-Verse 2099: Three Affordable FirstsSECRET WARS 2099 #2 VARIANT

Judging by the Across the Spider-Verse trailer, the main characters will be Miles Morales, Spider-Man 2099, and Spider-Gwen. Since it appears the movie will be taking audiences to the 2099 timeline, that points directly toward a new character making her silver-screen debut: Spider-Gwen 2099. 

This is one of the more overlooked 2099 characters in large part because she is a recent addition to the brand. She first appeared on the cover art of the 2015 Secret Wars 2099 #2, which resurrected the 2099 Universe for God-Emperor Doom’s Battleworld.

While she didn’t play a major role in the overall Secret Wars, that doesn’t mean we won’t see a version of her in Across the Spider-Verse, and that will set this key on fire.

What-The-26-194x300 Spider-Verse 2099: Three Affordable FirstsWHAT THE…?! #26

Maybe even more obscure than Spider-Gwen 2099 is the animal-verse of 2099 that exists thanks to Spider-Ham 2099. 

Out of all the hit characters from Into the Spider-Verse, Peter Porker was the surprise favorite among movie audiences. The off-beat creation that took cues from classic Looney Tunes cartoons had the breakout performance of the film. He has gone on to star in a handful of animated short films, and there is no doubt he will return for Across the Spider-Verse.

The odds of moviegoers seeing his 2099 doppelganger are very high, which makes his first appearance in 1993’s What The…?! #26 a sleeper pick, at least for now.

Spider-Man-2099-35-197x300 Spider-Verse 2099: Three Affordable FirstsSPIDER-MAN 2099 #35

Talk about a crowd-pleaser; introducing the 2099 version of Venom would be a boon for Spider-Verse fans. Obviously, the seeds for Venom and the symbiote were not planted in Into the Spider-Verse, and that may lead you to believe Venom 2099 isn’t on the table. However, if the characters venture fully into the 2099 Universe, that could be the connection needed for Kron Stone, who would become the future Venom.

That would also make him the franchise’s only Venom; Stone could be the reason Miguel is venturing across the timeline in the first place.


None of the aforementioned keys will break the bank, so investing is an easy decision. It’s not a certainty that Across the Spider-Verse will completely reveal the 2099 Universe, but it is a distinct possibility.

Odds are, we will see one or more of these alternate Spider-Verse characters. Even more intriguing is that if the 2099 characters are a hit, then it could lead to more from the futuristic comics.

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