Spider-Market, Spider Market…

by Take Root

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Does whatever a Spider-Market can!  So, if the divorce between Sony and Marvel is giving you some anxiety about 2 Christmases, a rebooted Norman Osborn, or whatnot…don’t fret.  Spider-Man is one of the most reliable characters on a speculator’s team.  He is what a stockbroker would call “recession-proof” or in this case, non-MCU proof.   Are there still gains to be had in the Spider-Market?  Let’s crawl through this messy web of Spidey comics.

Now that we assume Spider-Man is out of the MCU, the first move for a speculator is panic!  But as I said above, Spidey is a reliable dude.  If you have been watching the movement of books that matter and ignoring all of the worthless Spider-Merch that can flood the market, you will notice that the web-crawler is on solid 8-legged footing.  How do you cut through the fluff and know what is good for speculation and what should be a birthday present for your 9-year-old nephew?  Here are some basic rules:

Keys, Keys, Keys – When reviewing the Spider-Man comic market, I like to focus on Keys and first appearance books to make sure that you are finding books of value that others covet as well.  First appearance books can help you score on any future movie character debuts and the associated value props.  Especially with Spider-Man, more than other characters, anything other than a Key is probably not worth the time if you are only interested in value accumulation.

Bronze Age Value – Silver Age Spider-Man books have long been sold at a premium on the market.  Bronze Age books are catching up but still sit at a value point that most collectors have an ability to afford.  Almost any issue including and prior to Amazing Spider-Man #101 are selling for ridiculous prices as collectors look to hold rare copies of these classic books.  Now is the time to target the older books before they are scant on the market or just too expensive.

Modern Movement – Modern books can be a roller coaster on the market.  Stock can show up out of thin air, especially right when prices seem to peak.  Spider-Man modern books can hold value and see gains even in rocky market conditions.  Amazing Spider-Man #300 has been a powerhouse the past few years and continues to sell at high prices whenever offered on the open market.  The continuation of Venom movies should continue this trend.  Also, look for expanded Spider-Man Universe offerings due to the success of the Venom movie.  We know Morbius is coming, and I assume Silver Sable, Nightwatch, and maybe even Rocket Racer have some renewed interest for movies…hopefully, they are good movies.

The Spiderverse – The ‘Into the Spiderverse’ movie was a great movie for fans and an entertaining display of the expanded Spider-Man cast of characters all in one big showing.  Beyond a significant value prop for some of the various Spider-(wo)Men (including Spider-Gwen, Miles Morales, and the biggest pop for Spider-Ham) there was not much luck for the villain cast of the flick.  No Tombstone growth, Not much Prowler Buzz, and how about that weird Scorpiony Scorpion?  I feel like Speculators may have missed this movie, or fans don’t care much about the gallery of Spidey-Rouges.

Do you focus on the Spider-Market?  What are your expectations for the character in movies going forward?  Drop your comments and join the speculation!

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Trent Wolodko September 11, 2019 - 8:43 pm

Please tell me WTF is going on with Marvel Age 12… It’s not even the first published preview of the black suit… Far from it. It’s on fire right now.


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