Spider-Man: Invest in the Suit (Part 1)

by John Gerlach
1x1-pixel Spider-Man: Invest in the Suit (Part 1)

61RnKLLg9rL._SX326_BO1204203200_-197x300 Spider-Man: Invest in the Suit (Part 1)Does the introduction of a new Spider-Man suit make an issue more collectible? And if so, which ones out the 25 variations would be the best choices? Let’s look at two suit possibilities and three different books…

Spider-man’s suit has had many variations since 1962–at least 25 at last count. There was the original Red and Blue Suit introduced in Amazing Fantasy #15, the Iron Spider Suit that had four versions which debuted in Web of Spider-Man #100 and was seen in the movie Avengers: Infinity War, and one of my favs—the Amazing Bag-Man Suit (which consisted of an old Fantastic Four uniform with a paper bag on Spider-Man’s head) found in Amazing Spider-Man #258to name a few.

The Black Suit Symbiote

black-suit-spiderman-comic-book-covers-2-300x229 Spider-Man: Invest in the Suit (Part 1)Let’s start with the Black Suit which was revealed to be an alien symbiote that eventually became Venom (thanks to Eddie Brock). Though people sometimes still argue over whether Amazing Spider-Man #252 or Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars #8 is the first appearance of the 1984 Black Suit Symbiote (ASM #252 —winner in IMHO), CGC still lists it as a tie between the two issues. But which one is the best bet to invest in currently? When we compare ASM #252 vs. Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars #8, which has better recent returns?

A Sleeper Pick

Amazing_Spider-Man_Vol_1_658-196x300 Spider-Man: Invest in the Suit (Part 1)In Amazing Spider-Man #658, Spider-Man’s Future Foundation Suit is featured on the cover. This suit debuted in FF #1 (vol. 1) which might matter later but collectors have ignored that issue so far. The Future Foundation suit was given to Spider-Man after he joined the Future Foundation as part of Johnny Storm’s last will and testament. The suit has a white and black color scheme and is made of unstable molecules that can change to his classic red and blue suit or civilian clothes with just a thought. The Future Foundation Suit can also morph into a black “Stealth Mode” as an option. This suit has plenty of special features! Could this costume have the future investment growth like an ASM #252 or Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #8? Let’s compare all three books…


Title                                                                     Grade      FMV       Sales      Return

Amazing Spider-Man #252                                 9.8          $600       16          +14.9%


Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars #8           9.8           $375       25        +18.8%


Amazing Spider-Man #658                                9.8           $150        17         +57.8%


black-suit-spiderman-3-300x225 Spider-Man: Invest in the Suit (Part 1)

Shockingly, Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #8 has more than double the return of ASM #252 in a 9.8. It looks like Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #8 in a 9.8 is undervalued and has great future growth possibilities. ASM #252 remains the blue-chip long-term pick being the true first appearance of the Black Suit Symbiote. At a 9.8 grade, ASM #658 definitely gets my attention. Published in 2011, it’s at $150 FMV which is a solid value increase. ASM #658 is a strong sleeper pick for great future potential when it comes to issues that debut new Spidey costumes. It is a book to grab, slab, and be in your box or to flip quickly before more copies make the census. But what about the Amazing Bag-Man Suit? It is at a shocking 9.8 FMV of $210 (really, there is an Amazing Bag-Man Suit!)

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Manuel Romero August 24, 2020 - 1:12 pm

Actually 252 ties with Marvel Team Up 141 for first appearance of the black suit. CGC even states this on the label. Secret Wars is listed as Origin of Alien Symbiote which becomes Venom. Also ASM 252 and MTU 141 both were published in May of 84 while Secret Wars was published in Dec of that year.
But I agree that foundation suit is a great sleeper pick!!


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