Spider-Man Camouflage

by Norman Robinson III

668136_e040006170b05f2f57948f152feb94d27f5f0a79-195x300 Spider-Man CamouflageMiles Morales is the new Spider-Man and was actually crowned by Peter Parker himself. During his first adventure, Miles defeated Kangaroo, a ridiculous villain whose power is, you guessed it, leaping. This new Spider-Man debuted in Ultimate Fallout #4. The first appearance of Miles Morales has returns that make Kangaroo’s jump look like a bunny hop. Also, this book is the 10th most popular Modern Age comic (GoCollect). It has been years since this character’s first appearance; obviously, there is a great deal of interest now. Miles Morales is a thoughtful, introspective guy who even doubts if he should imitate Spider-Man’s costume. Eventually, Spider-Man gives Morales his blessing and the indecision is moot. Marvel takes Spider-Man in a different direction with Miles; but is this new take on the headliner of Marvel profitable speculation? 


Miles Morales has different powers from Peter Parker, similar but still different. Morales has the same speed and agility, ability to stick to walls, and roughly the strength about equal to Peter Parker and of course his Spidey-Sense. This new Spider-Man (Miles Morales) has a rudimentary warning system, not as developed as Peter Parker’s.

Morales is not without his own cool powers though. He can create a type of bio blast that has driven off powerful beings like Venom and has the cool power of camouflage. This new Camo-Spider is pretty nifty, he can just blend right in and then surprise the bad guys. A fun new take on Spider-Man, and one that leaves the Peter Parker storyline intact which I like a lot. The consistent profit margins seem quite impressive for such a recent book.

Ultimates Fallout #4

This character first appeared in the alternate universe for the Ultimates in Ultimate Fallout #4. Miles was created by Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli in 2011. Now almost seven years later this first appearance is on the rise. It has been around awhile now, and this Camo-Spider hero is starting to crawl up the wall of profit. There is an explosion of interest in Miles Morales due to the animation movie “Into the Spiderverse” coming out soon from Sony.

The returns are pretty astonishing until you remember; this guy is to replace Spider-Man. That being the case, this book is only in infancy and has a lot of room to grow in price. Ultimates Fallout #4 has outstanding ROI within the following grades: (9.6) near mint returned +19.1%, (9.2) near mint minus returned +23.6%, and (8.5) very fine plus has returned +60.4%. That last one was with only four sales, be forewarned. Don’t let the camouflage on the new Spider-Man make you miss this opportunity. Especially with a newer generation of kids who will follow this character now. This is an excellent short-term investment of about 3-5 years max timeframe for holding this book. Just make sure you unload it before a downturn in superhero movies.

Ultimate Fallout #4 (2nd Printing)

The hits don’t stop at the first print, for some reason the second printing has even better returns. I have no idea why this is. But the numbers speak for themselves. Try out Ultimate Fallout #4 (2nd Printing) it has an FMV of $130 price for (9.8) and the (9.0) comes with a $48 price tag. The second printing has returns that are off the hook, and simply out “rock and roll” the first printing. Ultimate Fallout #4(2nd Printing) has great ROI in the following grades: (9.8) mint returned +5.7%, (9.6) near mint returned +41.8%, (9.2) near mint minus returned +60% and the whopper of the bunch (9.0) with a +78.1%ROI. Don’t be fooled by the camouflage Ultimate Fallout #4 is here to stay and has amazing returns.

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