Spider-Man and the MCU: the Bigger Implication for Collectors

by Matt Tuck

Spider-Man-pulled-apart-meme-300x181 Spider-Man and the MCU: the Bigger Implication for CollectorsLike a hot-and-cold high school romance, Sony and Disney are back together. With Peter Parker returning to the MCU, there are bigger implications when it comes to those Spidey keys in your long boxes.

Didn’t I say not to panic? Because just like that, the Marvel stars are back in proper alignment.

The big news in the comic world is that Spider-Man will stick around the MCU for at least two more movies. According to The New York Times, the renegotiated Sony-Disney deal will give fans the third film of the Homecoming series, and the character will appear in at least one other MCU movie. It also gives Sony the chance to develop its own Spider-verse with Tom Holland in the title role.

That raises a loaded question that could lead to a heavy impact on your Spider-Man keys.


The most intriguing quote came from the master of the MCU himself, Kevin Feige. Speaking on Spider-Man’s newfound power to cross between Sony and Marvel’s franchises, he said, “As Sony continues to develop its own Spidey-verse, you never know what surprises the future might hold.” Those “surprises” Feige mentioned could be a hint toward other Spider-Man heavyweights being connected to the MCU.

carnage-vs-spidey-vs-venom-300x175 Spider-Man and the MCU: the Bigger Implication for CollectorsWith Sony moving forward with the Venom sequel and pushing Morbius and Silk solo films, does this mean that Tom Holland will be featured in those movies? It would seem that is likely to happen. With Holland appearing on screen as Spider-Man, that would directly link a film to the MCU. In other words, this could mean that Venom and Carnage could soon be part of the MCU.

Not only could Spider-Man link the symbiotes to the MCU, but this could pave the way for my favorite MCU theory – Norman Osborn and the Dark Avengers. Whether Sony or Marvel re-introduces Norman to the masses, having the MCU-Sony link reignites the potential for him to don the Iron Patriot armor and bring together the Dark Avengers or the Thunderbolts.

The new deal could (and I stress could) lead to these and other characters from the Spider-verse being included in the MCU. This means that there is once again the potential for, say, Kraven the Hunter to appear in Black Panther 2. Even if he doesn’t make it into the MCU, now that Sony can once again make its own live-action Spider-Man films, we could finally get the likes of Kraven or the Chameleon on the big screen. How does that affect your collection? As we know, anytime a Marvel character is brought to life, the key issues spike.

Spider-Meme-300x207 Spider-Man and the MCU: the Bigger Implication for CollectorsBUT THAT’S JUST A THEORY

The main point to keep in mind is this: these are all just theories of mine. As far as the latest Sony/Disney developments, the two companies have only discussed Spider-Man. Does the deal include other characters from the Spidey family? We don’t know, but my inclination is that it would, at least in some capacity.

Considering Sony pulled the plug on the Spider-Man deal once, there’s the potential the company would do it again. That could mean that Marvel Studios will put less emphasis on Spidey as far as the grand scheme is concerned. We’ll have to wait and see how this all pans out, but for now, fans of the MCU Spider-Man have reason to rejoice.


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LongShortComicReport September 30, 2019 - 7:47 am

You need to get your details right around this. Sony didn’t pull the plug on the deal, Marvel did when the requested more profits from the movies. Sony came back and gave Marvel what THEY wanted. Sony knows that Spidey is worth more to them in the MCU than not in the MCU.

Matt Tuck September 30, 2019 - 7:15 pm

Splitting hairs, my friend. The main point of the article is that there’s the potential for more than just Spider-Man to be connected to the MCU.


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