Spider-Man 3: Back to the past and future!

by Mike W

film-1-300x225 Spider-Man 3: Back to the past and future!The highly anticipated Spider-Man 3 movie is set to be out in theatres on December 17, 2021. There are many rumors to discuss. Let’s check them out!

Spider-Man 3

Actor Tom Holland, who plays Spider-Man offered confirmation that production will start work on the movie once he finishes his other project. The other project he is referring to is the Uncharted movie that he is expecting to complete early next year. The buildup for the film is massive as many actors are to join in the fun. Some actors, who portrayed Spider-Man previously such as Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield are rumored to appear in the film. This is according to what is rumored in digitalspy.com.

First Clue

So the first clue that the third movie could be building as something big is what happened in the mid-credits scene from the last movie. J.K. Simmons re-appears as J. Jonah Jameson on a huge television screen in New York and leaks a clip of Spider-Man’s identity to the world. As you recall, Simmons originally portrayed the character in the first Spider-Man trilogy with Maguire. This appears to be the first breadcrumb that the third movie will reprise many individuals from past Spider-Man movies.

spidery-300x157 Spider-Man 3: Back to the past and future!I will start with the obvious rumor that seems to be on everyone’s minds. According to cosmicbook.news, it is expected that Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield will suit up as Spider-Man along with Tom Holland in the upcoming third movie. This theory coincides that there is indeed a multi-verse with alternative universes and timelines. Maguire and Garfield would respectively be Spider-Man in their own respective timeline. As a result of the multi-verse being “broken”, all three of the actors have the potential to share a scene together and meet one another.


foxx-247x300 Spider-Man 3: Back to the past and future!This new is pretty much confirmed by the actor himself. Jamie Foxx, who played the villain, Electro in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 teased a picture on his Instagram account that he will reprise Electro in Spider-Man 3 with Tom Holland as Spider-Man. There is no solid theory of how Foxx is coming back. He died in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie, afterall. The only thing we know is that Foxx said his character in the movie will not be blue like in the last one.




Emma Stone = Spider Gwen?

735807_spider-gwen-32-bengal-deadpool-variant-leg-192x300 Spider-Man 3: Back to the past and future!Lastly, this rumor is quite fresh as it comes from wegotthiscovered.com. The speculation is that Emma Stone may join the cast in the upcoming Spider-Man 3 movie. If you recall, Stone played Gwen Stacey alongside Garfield in The Amazing Spider-Man duo of movies. Just like Jamie Foxx in the same movie, Gwen Stacey met her fate as well towards the end of the movie.  The belief is that she will join the upcoming movie and suit up as Spider-Gwen.

The explanation of how that happens is unclear. We will get saturated with many people suiting up in costumes. In this case, many individuals wearing spider outfits, but from different realities. This rumor does not appear to have a lot of validity, but it does make you think about the direction of what Marvel and Sony are trying to do. The theme is to revive deceased characters and pretend it never happened.

Spider-Man 3 Wrap Up

Anyways, this upcoming Spider-Man movie is shaping up to culminate in the past, current, and future of the Spider-Verse movie world. What are your thoughts about the rumored additions to this movie? Is it too much or does it add more buildup for what comes ahead? Let me know your thoughts.

Spider-Man-meme-300x245 Spider-Man 3: Back to the past and future!





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