Speculation update: Vision, Jimmy Woo, The Mandarin

by James Jou

120761_17fab2c65e51769ad8022472aef47cf42f8e5714-202x300 Speculation update:  Vision,  Jimmy Woo,  The MandarinWhile it is entertaining to look forward, it is important to look back. Specifically, here we examine the market for the key 1st appearance comic books of Vision, Jimmy Woo, and the Mandarin. Each one has already made their live-action debuts; with the exception that the Mandarin’s was in name only. With this grey area in mind, he is included here for the sake of comprehension and because the “real Mandarin” will be appearing shortly anyways.


AVENGERS #57 (1968)

In Avengers #57, Vision makes his 1st appearance when he arrives on the scene to warn the Avengers about Ultron. Sales data for Avengers #57, graded CGC 9.0 and 7.0 (the top 20.1% and 61.9%), are shown below.

vmj_1a-300x181 Speculation update:  Vision,  Jimmy Woo,  The Mandarin vmj_2b-300x180 Speculation update:  Vision,  Jimmy Woo,  The Mandarin

Sales prices for Avengers #57 was on a climb since 2012 until it reached all-time highs in the summer of 2015, surrounding the release of the Age of Ultron movie. Of note, this positive trend existed even before the official announcement of Vision appearing in the movie. The peak sales prices of Avengers #57 failed to hold, with it losing almost half its value within the year; furthermore, the negative trend slowed down but extended through to early 2018. From there, sales prices reversed to a positive trend; but the reversal brought with it a large increase in volatility.

Overall, it would be risky to add a position during the current run-up in sales prices as the recent reversal is primarily attributed to the upcoming Disney+ series; one would have to weigh this recent positive trend against the prior multi-year negative trend that occurred even with the multiple movie appearances of Vision. The increase in volatility is further evidence of this uncertainty in the market. It would be necessary to keep your eye out for a short-term peak surrounding the timeframe around the series’ actual release.



112138_81222b324b0acee555b869ce2e5ef11253db7054-195x300 Speculation update:  Vision,  Jimmy Woo,  The MandarinYELLOW CLAW #1 (1956)

Government agent Jimmy Woo made his first appearance in Yellow Claw #1. The overall number of CGC graded books for Yellow Claw #1 is relatively low; at the moment the total is 39 universal blue labels. Furthermore, additional copies failed to come out of the woodwork in light of Jimmy Woo’s first movie appearance in Ant-Man and the Wasp (2018) and continued portrayal in the upcoming WandaVision series. Overall, the market for Yellow Claw #1 fails to have enough sales volume for a viable investment strategy. The closest indication for the sentiment may be the book graded in CGC 3.5. The highest one was recorded in Feb 2019; but the most recent sale just a few months ago in June 2019 was almost half the value, which was also similar to the only sale in 2015. To put it simply, Yellow Claw #1 is a good conversation piece, but not a good place to have your money sit.



117122_2e16b0e70b7c2ad6bfd341debf3f46070fa53a26-198x300 Speculation update:  Vision,  Jimmy Woo,  The MandarinTALES OF SUSPENSE #50 (1964)

The Mandarin made his 1st appearance in Tales of Suspense #50, in which he uses his Power Rings to prevent Iron Man from learning his secrets. Due to the low volume of sales, a wider range of grades are observed below; specifically, CGC 8.0/7.0/6.0, which represent the top 26.0/48.0/64.6% of the census.

vmj_3c-300x181 Speculation update:  Vision,  Jimmy Woo,  The Mandarin

Since the summer of 2012 following the release of the movie Iron Man 3, sales prices for Tales of Suspense #50 were on a steady seven-year decline until mid-2019. The recent astronomical spike is primarily due to the official announcement of the Mandarin appearing in the upcoming Shang-Chi movie (2021). Caution is advisable during this price spike. The fear of missing out can be tempting, but keep in mind, the prior years of lower price levels and associated negative trend. Furthermore, the key comic issues of heroes/protagonists often fail to hold the higher-price levels from spikes; let alone the keys of villains/antagonists. For examples of this, check out the recent market trends for Black Manta’s Aquaman #35 (1967), Dormammu’s Strange Tales #126, Yellowjacket’s Avengers #59 (1968), Steppenwolf’s New Gods #7 (1972), etc; how many more examples are needed? Positive trend after the spike has a higher correlation to the presence of a positive trend before the spike; which this book does not have. Again, caution is advised; however, if you already have the book from before, look for a short term play.




  • Avengers #57 (1968) – HOLD
  • Yellow Claw #1 (1956) – REDUCE
  • Tales of Suspense #50 (1964) – Caution, see above. Possible short term play.



“If the Avengers went on red alert every time Wanda took a sabbatical, we’d have to start a whole new team dedicated to keeping track of her.” – Vision


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