Speculation Update: Thanos Wins

by Matt Tuck

Thanos-15-panel-200x300 Speculation Update: Thanos WinsCosmic Ghost Rider’s early appearances are earning impressive figures lately, and he is bringing the first cover appearance of the Dark Silver Surfer along for the ride. Here are six issues of Thanos Wins to keep your eyes on.

The third print of Thanos #13 has suddenly picked up steam in the collecting circles. However, Thanos #13 is not the only comic from that series worth your investment dollars.

6 Thanos Wins Issus

Thanos-14-first-print-198x300 Speculation Update: Thanos WinsTHANOS #14

Those first cover appearances are all the rage in collecting, and Thanos #14 gave readers their first cover featuring Cosmic Ghost Rider.

Being a first for a popular character, this issue has been earning respectable figures even though the sales volume is not exactly impressive. As it stands, seven copies graded at 9.8 have sold this year. For the most part, this has been a $50 comic, give or take. However, the last sale on July 28 netted $129, which is only one dollar short of the record high. Time will tell if this proves to be an outlier or a new trend.

This issue also went to five printings. While they are fun to collect and have great covers, none of them hold significant values at the moment. The fourth print has proven to be the most valuable after it last sold for $70 in 2019.

Thanos-15-192x300 Speculation Update: Thanos WinsTHANOS #15 (FIRST PRINT)

Another issue earning eye-catching figures, Thanos #15 was the big reveal for Cosmic Ghost Rider’s origin. Up to this point, it was a mystery as to who he had been before the Thanos Wins timeline. I am not sure anyone guessed it would be Frank Castle.

The first print at a 9.8 has averaged $111 in the past 90 days. Out of the 10 sales in 2020, only two of those have not reached triple digits. In fact, it has not sold for less than $100 since March, and a $175 sale was just $5 short of tying the record high.



Thanos-15-fourth-print-195x300 Speculation Update: Thanos WinsTHANOS #15 (FOURTH PRINT)

The issue that has been setting the collecting world on fire is the fourth print. Again, those cover debuts are hot, and the fourth print of Thanos #15 presented the Dark Silver Surfer in his first cover appearance.

When it was released, this cover was available in the trade dress and the “virgin” variant. Prices for the 9.8-graded trade dress have been steadily climbing since April, and it most recently sold for $156 on July 28. As for the virgin cover, every sale in July saw it earn $145 or more. The last time one traded hands on July 23, it fetched an impressive $175.


Thanos-16-second-print-trade-dress-192x300 Speculation Update: Thanos WinsTHANOS #16 (SECOND PRINT)

There is not much to tell about the Thanos #16 first print. After all, the 9.8 has averaged $55 in the past 90 days, which is nothing special compared to the other issues in this series. Where the money lies is in the second prints.

Again, there was a second print trade dress and virgin covers. The trade dress, at a 9.8, sold for $80 in March, while the virgin edition brought $90 in July.




Thanos-17-third-print-trade-dress-195x300 Speculation Update: Thanos WinsTHANOS #17 (THIRD PRINT)

This cover is almost as amazing as the Thanos #15 fourth print, but I am biased toward the Dark Silver Surfer. I am crossing my fingers that he will make his way into the 616 Marvel Universe at some point.

The trade dress for this cover has not sold in a year, but it did bring a noteworthy $75 in 2019. The virgin variant has not sold for less than $60 since April of this year.





Thanos-18-first-print-192x300 Speculation Update: Thanos WinsTHANOS #18 (FIRST PRINT)

After being a $40 comic all year, the 9.8 for the first print suddenly jumped to $100 on June 10. There has not been a sale since then, so the jury is out on whether or not this is officially a hot comic.

The other issue to keep an eye on is the Thanos #18 second print. While it is not earning huge numbers, it did bring $65 last year. If the first print sales spike, expect the second print to inflate along with it.


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Great piece Matt but what about the Thanos 13th, second print? Also your TMNT 1 article from awhile back was awesome, when will we get an update on that?


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